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"The speech is very good. But are you sure, you would be able to memorize the entire speech and speak on the day of competition?".
How many times have we been told that we are not good at something or that what we intend to do is not the right thing to pursue? It was no different for Aanchal Sharma. But, instead of succumbing to those external voices she decided to listen to her inner voice, and the rest, as they say, is history. Read below her most amazing journey in her own words.

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Day 1:

Teacher: All the students who have participated in the English elocution competition have to come prepared tomorrow with their speech write-ups. We will have a trial round.
Students : OK Teacher…

Day 2:

(Participating students standing in a queue with their writeup sheets. Students murmuring among themselves with anxiety and nervousness)
Teacher: Next please…
Student A: Yes teacher (Speaks for 3 mins with sheer confidence along with clear and distinct pronunciation of words)
Teacher: The speech is very good. But are you sure, you would be able to memorize the entire speech and speak on the day of competition?
Student A: Yes teacher.

Competition Day:

(The D-day finally arrives and all students are filled with gusto and enthusiasm. All the participating candidates speak on the stage and are applauded by the audience.)

Teacher: Congratulations to all the contestants. All the students did very well and now I am going to announce the results.

(A sudden silence outspreads over the entire auditorium…)

Teacher: The winner of our Annual English Elocution Competition is Aanchal Sharma (Student A).
Yes. You heard it right. I was the same “Student A” whose capabilities were doubted by the teacher. Winning that competition gave a huge boost to her confidence, rather my confidence. This was an incident which happened when I was in 7th grade and I still remember it so well as it is a memory which had a huge impact on me.

Since my school days, I was habituated to participate in diverse competitions which included English/Hindi elocutions, essay writing, handwriting competitions, debates, skits, etc., as I really enjoyed speaking & writing. My mother always motivated me to participate in such events and worked rigorously to sharpen my skills. I truly believe that as a child we are unaware of our potentials and our parents play a major role in guiding us towards the right path.

English subject was always dear to me and I scored well in this subject throughout my schooling. My love for writing also helped me to improve my handwriting and even today people appreciate me for my handwriting, though the likelihood of writing on paper has decreased nowadays as we are accustomed to writing on our laptops and mobile phones. But, typing on laptop cannot match the serenity of writing on paper.

In short, I would say that,

The act of writing is indeed endless, and my love for it developed when I was young and restless



My fondness for writing continued even in my college. During my engineering days, I was more focused on enhancing my technical skills and did not participate much in any events. Then I happened to know about the “English Literature Club” of my college. It was indeed a blessing to find something of this sort in a technical institution. It was a prodigious club where weekly activities were conducted to groom students to confront the corporate world. I certainly vouch for the fact that, to be successful in any field one needs to know and understand how to communicate effectively. Communication skill is an integral part of an engineer’s professional life, one where she needs to carry and present her work in the global arena. As globalization and competitiveness have become the benchmarks in every single MNC, it is important for every engineer to be well equipped with soft skills. Throughout our professional course of engineering we fail to understand that along with technical knowledge of our field, it is essential to acquire command over the language in which we will be displaying our flair to the world. I relished being part of this club and enjoyed the activities.

“The world is indeed a crowded place, And in writing my thoughts I find solace…”



In My College

After completing my second year in engineering, I did an internship which made me understand how professionals work. Under the guidance of the mentor assigned to me, I learned new things about software engineering. For my final year project course-work, I took up a company project. During this project I used to go to the industry twice a week to complete my project work and attended college rest of the days. This experience upgraded me immensely and sharpened my technical prowess.

Final year also meant that placements would start in full swing & I started to work on my aptitude and logical reasoning know-how. During my school, I had competed in various scholarship programs due to which solving logical reasoning questions was my favorite among all.

I remember the day when I appeared in the placement test of the first company which come to our college. I was damn excited plus nervous about it. So before the placement test, the company had organized a hackathon and the winner of the hackathon was supposed to get direct entry into the company without the tiresome placement process. Doesn’t it sound amazing? I was super enthusiastic for this challenge and participated in it. I was overjoyed when my project was selected in the top 10 projects across all the projects in Mumbai. I was called in by the company to showcase the project in front of a panel. They asked various questions to which I answered confidently. I was positive about the results as the entire process went smoothly. However the ball did not land up in my court and I was not selected as the winner. Though I felt bad, I did not let it hamper my morale as the placement process of the company was still impending.

The first round was a written aptitude test with negative marking and it was the round which generally hits the panic button among students as one had to be very careful with time and speed. It was like a do or die situation. This time the result was in my favour and I was glad to be selected for the next round which was “Group discussion”.

Being part of various speaking and writing competitions since childhood, I was pretty confident that I would be able to surpass this round, but I was little scared too. GD was something which I was looking forward to and was worked up to give my best. But to my disappointment, it did not go well up to my expectation although I was wishing that some magic happens and I get selected as I eagerly wanted to get into this company. My world came crashing down when I was rejected in that round. For someone who was so fond of speaking and participating in elocutions, getting rejected in a group discussion round was a huge setback. But I did not let it affect me. I assessed what I did wrong and how I could have performed better.

After a month, pool campus of Reliance Jio was slated and the written technical/aptitude test was conducted in the office premises. Watching that campus, I fell in love with it and eagerly wished to get selected. After 3 days the result for next round was announced and guess what, my name was not in the list!! I felt petrified and cried a lot as it was my third failure. But in life if you feel bad about certain thing, you can definitely cry but eventually one needs to learn from the situation and move on. To my surprise, one week later again a new list of selected students were announced and this time I could make into the list. Yipeee…!!!

Now, there were numerous rounds which consisted of 2 GDs , 2 technical rounds and the last round which was a mixture of HR and tech. I was able to reach till the end of the process. After 2 days I was getting ready to go to college and to my surprise, I got a random call from the TPO Sir of my college. He congratulated me and gave me the awesome news of me getting selected in Reliance Jio. I was on cloud nine and very happy that I eventually got placed in this wonderful company. This was how my journey in the corporate world commenced.

In my professional life, I got chance to explore various new domains which helped me to build my skills. I worked in Android App development and later switched to Backend engineering which boosted me to understand the course of development at client-end and back-end. Working under the leadership of people with different personalities assisted me to figure out how to manage situations and handle pressure. Reliance Jio is indeed an emerging tech company and it feels great to be part of this organization where spending each passing day improves a bit in me. Even here I actively participate in various activities which help me grow, both as an engineer and as a person.



I staunchly believe that “Knowledge spread is Knowledge increased”. Hence I actively participate in community building programs and thereby contribute in spreading knowledge. Giving tech-talks in college, organizing seminars, etc., help to boost my self-esteem and give value to my being. Contributing to elite communities like WhoWhoCode, WiDS and GirlScript Foundation was an amazing lift up to my capabilities. My heart goes out for building technology to ease life of masses. I recently developed a COVID report tracker which was deployed on AWS and saw 1 lakh hits in a week after it was launched.

My fondness for writing and technology resulted in a beautiful creation - an opportunity to publish a book on “Structured and Object Oriented Analysis and Design” which is a subject in computer engineering coursework. From just scribbling my unplanned thoughts in diaries, writing poems and ultimately becoming an author of an e-book, the whole journey was an amazing experience because I never ever speculated that I would be able to do so. I believe that writing does not demand proficiency but the mere acts make one efficient. Everyone should inculcate the habit of writing to clean the clutter out of one’s mind. My self-made hashtag of writing (#Aanchalogy) is something which I boast proudly about, as it encourages me to write more.

“Penning down has always empowered me to grow stronger, which eventually helped me to take steps towards becoming an author”

I feel that my life has just started and there is lot more to learn and explore given the fact that one should always continue learning new things to upgrade oneself. I would like to sign off by stating that

“Opportunities will always knock at your door, it is your duty to welcome it with open arms. New technologies will keep joining the race, we need to upskill ourselves in order to help us ace.”



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