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Five success tips from Anjali Sharma

“Jack of all trades, master of none!” This might be a familiar quote for you but this is my life. I have been addressed with this statement more than my own name! (Forgive me for a bit of exaggeration)

I started my schooling with a choir group singer followed by dancing, sports, theatre, debate and by the end, you name it, and I have tried that extra-curricular activity. During the initial years, my parents kept changing their dream according to my involvement but thankfully, at one point, they lost hope( like any other parent) and this decision turned out to be the best decision of their life as I still am in the battle of handing multiple commitments.


Presently, I am a third-year undergraduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from VIT Vellore and I have represented India at Formula Student Germany 2019 - the biggest global F1 prototype race car competition. I then decided to shift my domain from Electrical to Software and presently holds the position of Google TalentSprint Women Engineers Scholar and a Microsoft Student Partner. Afterwards, I got interested in Digital Marketing and was recognized as a “Top Marketer” from Google Ads based on my performance at Google Ad Grants Online Marketing Challenge 2020. Adding to that, I am an open source contributor, a blogger, a public speaker and a storyteller. (So now you know what I was talking about in the beginning!)

If you think the previous paragraph was an attempt to brag about my accomplishments then it’s not because even after all this, I am still in the process of figuring out my true calling while enjoying the journey. But, I am thankful for all the “life gyaan” that I have got throughout the process that helped me stay committed to my work, get the best version of me and keep going. I am sharing a few of them with you today and I hope this helps in whichever struggle you’re facing in your life right now.

So here it goes!

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Life Gyaan 1: It’s absolutely okay to not have a plan!

It’s amazing if you’ve a clear idea of what you want to do or become but it’s definitely not a mandate to live a happy and satisfying life. I never had a plan, I still don’t. I just have a passion for doing multiple things that helped me explore the domains of my personality which I was completely unaware of.

So, it’s absolutely okay if you have not figured out your expertise. Explore yourself, utilise your opportunities and start somewhere because the only secret of getting ahead is getting started!


Life Gyaan 2: Stop waiting for something to happen, make it happen NOW

You might find it funny but when I was contacted by Shyam Menon (of FAYZ) via LinkedIn to share my story on FAyz - India’s largest online canvas for youth, I replied with, “Hey Shyam, did you message the wrong person?”

I was so unsure about my story that I delayed the whole process by a month or so because I wasn’t able to think of any proper end to it. It’s only yesterday when I thought, was it actually about the end or the journey, and that motivated me to send my first draft.

Self-doubt has become a very common part of us and everyone, no matter the position, is affected but when you stop associating yourself with certain results and judgements and put efforts to make things work for you at the present moment, it will eventually work out sooner or later.


Life Gyaan 3: Develop your personal brand

According to an informal LinkedIn survey, people with active accounts and updated LinkedIn profiles are 39% more likely to get an opportunity than the rest.

Personal brands help establish credibility, increase your online influence, secure work and grow your career, attract potential partnership conversations, attract employment opportunities, expand your professional network and I can speak on this topic forever as I have personally experienced it in my lifestyle.

So start showcasing your work, build your portfolio, update your social media handles, share your opinions, start a journal, contribute to communities and find out more ways to be digitally active and productive.

And if you think that you don’t want to be a show off than remember the saying by Google’s #IamRemarkable initiative,

“If it’s based on facts, it’s not bragging!”


Life Gyaan 4: Unfold your own myth

I want you all to have a moment to read this:


I hope you’ve got the idea!

In the nutshell, if you think imitating a successful person will guarantee your success then you definitely need to think again because things work differently for different people. So, even if you are intimidated by any personality, try not to make it your lifestyle because most of the time you are unaware of the complete story.

Also, do not be satisfied and convinced by how failures and successes have gone with others. You’ve got one life, do you really want to spend it by being someone else that you’re not?

Life Gyaan 5: What goes around, comes around

This is the most important of all the gyaans I’ve ever had and obviously my favourite one. “Treat others the way you want to be treated!” And most importantly, if you’re privileged enough in any terms be it education, money, or resources, find a way of giving back to the society.


Lastly, for the information, the complete version of the initial quote says,

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

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