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Rinal's story: How she cracked CA and LLB with aplomb

A Chartered Accountant and a lawyer by profession -- only a few can have such an interesting resume and be proud of it. Mumbai-based Rinal Doctor is one such person. She joined NM College in Mumbai, which is also known as a CA Factory, and later pursued law after a family property dispute turned nasty. Rinal started her career as a consultant, then worked at an MNC (in finance) and now working as a lawyer in another MNC.

In a long chat with Team Fayz, Rinal explains how she straddled between two of the toughest career options and how she motivates herself to achieve bigger things in life. chaayam_poster

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Usually by your age one either becomes a CA or a Lawyer. You became both? How was this possible? How did you manage becoming both these at such a young age?

I started coaching for CA course along with junior college (11th STD) and gave Common Proficiency Test (1st level immediately after 12th). Completed IPCC (intermediate level) along with Bcom followed by the final exam (May 2014).Then I started LLB 3 year- course in July 2014 (Evening College) and started a job in October 2014. chaayam_poster

How different is professional life from what is being taught in our professional colleges?

College life was amazing as it teaches multitasking, gives you a taste of competition and gives you a lot of friends who are your backbone. Professional experience makes you disciplined, responsible for your actions. Also, you will come to know that theory cannot always be practically applied and learning never stops.

You mentioned that your friends played a big role in your decision to pursue CA. Do you regret doing it? What is your advice to those who realize midway through their course that they are not cut out for what they have enrolled for?

Yes, they played a big role as it's a challenging professional exam and requires lots of hours of focus. No, I don't regret doing the course. My advice is if you want to give up because you think you cannot do it, stick along. But if your interest lies else where, there is no point working so hard.


Contrary to CA, LLB, we understand, was 100% by your choice. How (un)helpful was the CA study for your LLB? Were there things that you had to unlearn from CA for LLB, or did it complement each other?

It complemented each other as CA consists of multiple subjects including law and taxation which is based on various acts and rules.

GST is relatively a new development. How did you manage to crack it so fast?

As it was new for everyone, it was an opportunity to be grabbed and Excel at.


No one likes to be an introvert forever. From being an introvert to being a lawyer, that is a big change. What would be your advice to someone who wishes to break out from the shackles of being an introvert?

Don't overthink and just give it a try. Practise before a mirror. Do not try memorizing a speech, just go with the flow.

You have suggested developing a hobby and also trying something new at least once a year. Can you please let us know a few such things that you have tried in the past?

Summer dance classes for learning salsa, scuba diving, glass painting, canvas painting, website coding, solo trips, and baking…the list goes on.


Looks like you read a lot. What do you read often? Who are your favorite authors?

More than self-help books I have always been a fantasy and fiction lover of authors like Dan Brown, JK Rowling, Robert Ludlum, Agatha Christie etc. I also recommend reading Chanakya Neeti, Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Secret.

CA and LLB are very difficult courses to pass. One needs to build some very good habits to do this successfully. What, as per you, are those key habits (not more than 5) of yours that have helped you reach where you are currently?

1. Remember - You can do it and all is well
2. Make a plan with deadlines
3. Make a routine
4. Include a physical exercise
5. Stay connected with friends and family as the above courses require a lot of focused study time

What do you aspire to be 10 years from now? Has the thought of starting up on your own ever occurred to you?

I normally make short-term plans. I plan to be in the service sector and currently am focused on my next level promotion. Though I might consider to start my practice or start a business after 5-7 years.



  • It is absolutely okay to be confused about what you want to do
  • Be confident about your choices and never regret them
  • Life is bigger than an exam
  • Everyone’s purpose is different!
  • No one remembers if you did something stupid after five days
  • Develop a hobby. Try something new at least once a year like a dance style, adventure sports, etc.
  • Always aim big
  • You don’t always get what you want till you ask/try for it
  • Read and interact with different people
  • To be successful, it takes more than doing your job well
  • Start saving at least 50% from your first earning itself
  • Keep trying new profiles after all you are gonna work for the next 40 years
  • Keep following your instincts and be happy

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