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How an Insta handle changed Noora's life

Since childhood I was a very shy student who was scared to even utter a word in front of a crowd. I could sing quite well, but my stage fear discouraged me to express myself. However, it was my Arabic teacher who identified my ability and gave me confidence.


When teachers in school asked what I wanted to become in future, my immediate answer was either a doctor or engineer, as most children in Kerala would say.

When I reached higher secondary, my interest shifted towards arts. And college was the best place to discover oneself.


In college I discovered what I really wanted. Some of my classmates were into painting, some were into drawing and I wanted to pursue my interests. Apart from occasional singing, I had an inkling for art and craft. I was inspired by many like the celebrated artist Sana Khader (zannist), the creative lifestyle content creator.

I started scouring YouTube, Pinterest and Google for DIYs in creating art and craft. To put it on record, I never attended any physical classes. I wanted to do something without troubling my parents. Trusting my skills and confidence, I created an Instagram page Littlemaker (@the_littlemaker). I realised I was just a beginner and had a long way to go compared to other creative works I came across online. Hence I chose the title, @thelittle_maker.


I must say that was a huge leap of faith or call it defining moment in my life. When I created a scrapbook and posted it on Instagram, I started getting good responses from others. Slowly, I started getting orders for my work which took my confidence high. My biggest order was for a wedding anniversary event and the response I got was humungous. There I knew, I was on the right track. I started receiving orders from other Indian cities and international cities, and so far I have done over 400 works.

As you might think, it has not been an easy journey. Many of my family members tried to dissuade me from going ahead with my work, but there was no stopping. I slipped into depression, but my family and friends stood like a rock. Especially, my sister and mother.


Soon word spread about my works, and more people started following me on Instagram. And guess what, I have 11.4K followers now. I am still learning about new techniques and illustrations.

As I mentioned earlier, I had no confidence to speak in front of others, but after my entrepreneurship life, my confidence sky-rocketed. Now, I take craft workshops!

I believe in continuing my journey in Entrepreneurship rather than going for a 9-5 work schedule.


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