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Students'-run global IT company has big dreams

A motley bunch of students (yes, students) from different parts of the world have floated a company that builds websites and other technical tools. New Delhi-based Kartik Bathla, who has just passed of PU, is leading the company named Parallax Virtual Arts with 122 members, and living the dream he wants to pursue. His dream, rather their dream, is to turn PVA into a big IT hub.

Unlike most kids, I never cried while going to school because I enjoyed playing and chilling it out with friends. In Class V, things changed when the computer was introduced and I was smitten by the machines. Later my parents too bought a system and I had real fun.

Slowly, I went beyond the fun elements and started digging deep into the systems. And my interest veered towards hacking. I installed Kali Linux when I was 11 but it crashed and I went for Windows.

Life was largely good amid complaints from parents and teachers about my academic record. But I was confident about my skills, rather than marks. Without skills, even with full marks, you are nothing. Parallelly, I developed many other skills in computer languages, cybersecurity and other tech stuff. I even learnt swimming.

I belong to a middle-class family consisting of my mother, sister, and I. I lost my father when I was 13 years old and my life was very difficult. Thanks to my mother and sister, I never had a financial crisis, with them fulfilling every need of mine. Thus, I bought an iPhone, a smart TV and a laptop.

Armed with all his, I just wanted to prove the world that it’s not studies that make somebody a worthy individual, but their skills. Surfing net and meeting likeminded individuals online became a routine for me. I then decided to turn this into a proper network. I started connecting with like-minded students all across the world and my network is now buzzing with 122 young people who are ready to do anything.

I learned HTML, CSS, PYTHON, C++, node.js, PHP, DBMS. I feel really proud when some BTech/BCA students approach me to fix errors. I repeat, what matters is skill, not what you study.

My friends and I developed games, websites and programs. We won many certificates and appreciations together but we never thought of making a profit out of it till Class XII. When we planned to float a company, some of my friends dubbed it a joke. My Inspiration is Ryan Corey who is the CEO at Cybrary, an Italian firm teaching cybersecurity.


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What do you do now? Have you, along with friends, formed a company?

I will be soon appearing for B.Tech after completing my CBSE board exams. And currently we collectively work at Parallax Virtual Arts (PVA). My job is to develop websites. I am head Of Web Development team as well as founder of Parallax Virtual Arts. In the website development team, there are 14-18 members. We are the investors and we are also developers. All of us go to school, attend coaching classes and then we come back home to our company work. Aman, Ayush, Saurav, Kunal, Ankit, Rajat, Paarth and Manit are some of the key people in the company.

You have said that you have a network of 122 guys. How do you coordinate and what is the plan of action?

Yes, our network is huge. We all are not from India. I started making contacts when I was in Class V. I contacted Ryan Corey, Tomy Foxman and many more. I built a group by their students and work. We coordinate through phone calls and emails, besides our own real-time chat servers. Though we have not met each other, still we work together just for the dream to convert PVA to a big IT hub.

What are your study/career plans?

Since most of us are science students, we will pursue BTech, BCA/ MCA + additional courses. My seniors in the team are already pursuing BTech.

You have said you have been inspired by Ryan Corey? Have you interacted with him?

I have never met Ryan Corey, based in Italy. I am planning to meet Corey soon. I must say even talking to him has been a tremendous experience.

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