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When companies rejected him, he launched one!

- By Tamandeep Dhawan

What if you get rejected by company after company during job recruitments? Well, most would wallow themselves in self-pity, but not Tamandeep Dhawan. What he did was quite unimaginable as he started his own company, that too an organization to help students get jobs. Later, Tamandeep has launched another company and now he is all set to fly for Berlin, to study MBA.

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From school days, I was an introvert. There were many reasons for me being so. I did not like certain 'politics' being played at school, where some get extra benefits while some get pushed aside. When I entered college on August 11, 2017, I walked in with fear. Being a fresher, I was curious about internships, how corporate world work and what organizations do. Life on the campus went on.


Two days after my college stint, I gave an interview with Zomato at their Gurgaon headquarters and as expected I was rejected but I was happy because this was my first ever interview and learnt a few things from this interview. After this episode, I started attending interviews -- and I was rejected in all of them. This was not my bad luck, this was that phase when my luck was beginning to work. Slowly, I started spending time, researching various start-ups, talking to various entrepreneurs and then I came across a very common issue faced by almost all college students.

The main issue was that in many colleges, placement cell doesn’t work properly. That's the reason I have founded DU Assassins, as an attempt to solve these issues for students. In the initial stage, we faced many problems where we are struggling for getting reach, tapping accurate markets and tying up with various companies.


Within six months we have raised more than Rs 5 lakh revenue and added more than 10 services in our portfolio. Within the next three months we (friends and I) founded PLEDGEBACK, a cashback portal where you can shop from more than 1,500+ brands with additional discounts. The portal is on beta for the last one year and we already have 1,500 brands with us like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, Snapdeal, Behrouz, Zomato, Swiggy, Faasos, etc. Now we are into content creation, brand management, digital marketing, ATL/BTL campaign, print media and social media. So far, we have served more than 2,000 brands worldwide and raised more than Rs 50 lakh. In July 2018 I was also nominated for Top 50 Tech Leader Award by Intercon Dubai and was also nominated for Karmaveer Chakra Awards by the United Nations.

During this time, I am the president of Economics Society, president of Entrepreneurship Cell and vice-president of Finance & Investment Cell. I have made some future plans and I have already taken admission to Gisma Business School, Berlin, for an MBA in International Marketing.

Through my story, I want to motivate each and every individual in this country. I have interacted with so many people brimming with great ideas, but fail to apply them in real life. In the modern ara, no idea is bad, it’s just how we think.


Tamandeep is a final year BBE (Business Economics) student from the University of Delhi.

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What was going through your mind when many companies rejected you? Did you ever try to find out what could be the reason?

Obviously, I felt demotivated, but then I realized that these refusals would give me more strength to achieve something in life. The reason for my rejection was my low confidence and speaking skills. Now, I have improved a lot.

Can you tell us more about the company?

We were helping students to raise pocket money for there daily expenses. We are in collaboration with more than 100 brands through which we run various CPL/CPS/CPA/CPI/CPC campaigns and provide amazing rewards for our network and customers. We have a network with more than 400 colleges pan-India and 10K+ campus ambassadors.

Also, how did you raise our initial investment to launch the company?

Initially, it was self-funded, but in August 2018, we were funded with $10,000 by a firm. Through this funding, we have captured a larger market which is helping us serve more people.

What are your other big plans? Also at this stage why have you decided to MBA?

I have worked with various affiliate agencies, marketing firms and e-commerce portals as an intern and gained enough knowledge about how this industry works. I have made use of that experience while making a portal which provides exclusive deals for our customers and network. I have decided to go ahead with MBA because if I speak frankly MBA degree is a must these days to survive in this competitive world. Second, I am pursuing Masters to grow my business to that extent where I can represent my country on a greater scale, which is worldwide.

You have achieved so much at such a young age, and that too alongside your studies. What are those key habits of yours which have helped you reach where you are currently?

I don't like to do physical activities and I am very bad at sport, but I like to do research on entrepreneurs, listening TED videos on Youtube and talking to amazing people like founders, associates and managers. Attending sessions is what I love to do where I interact with unknown people. This is through which I have earned what I am today.

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