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From passing marks in math test to Cracking Tier 1 MNC

Ishween Kaur was a poor student, but somewhere during her life, she decided to turn around her life. A Microsoft Student Partner, Kaur shares her journey with Fayz.

FRANKLY, I was a shy, and more specifically, a dumb student, so to say. I hate studying and was fond of paintings, travelling and of course eating out. I still remember my class VI teacher telling, "If you get into IIT, your life will be set." Then, I was not aware of what the word 'set" means, but what I thought was: I don't have to work at all. And that myth held me tight and wanted to pursue engineering. I started studying and got interested in Science but not in Math. In Class IX mid-exam, I got just pass marks in Math. That day, I still remember, I cried a lot. My father explained to me what I was lacked, which was a turning point in my life. He started taking Math classes for me at home. His mantra was: "Practice, Practice and Practice" and encouraged me to recite this every day. I practised a lot and secured a good percentage to prove myself and got admission in Science stream.


Following his words, I secured a good percentage in class XII. My parents were really happy because I was the first to pursue science in the family. I didn't take any coaching for JEE Main, but destiny had other ideas. I decided to go for a crash course. Luckily, my board marks saved me and I got admission to IGDTUW, Mechanical, from which I got upgraded to IT and later I upgraded to Computer Science (CSE). I did a winter internship in a startup as a back-end developer for six months during my fourth semester. It ended in June when I had only one month left for an on-campus internship. I worked hard for a month, cleared lots of tests, interviews but was not able to secure an internship in big companies. I hunted for internships, scholarships, and various programmes, but nothing worked. Meanwhile, Dell organized a hackathon to hire and my team won but still, none of us received an internship.

The third-year was full of stress, tension and what not. At that time, I applied to Microsoft Student Partner and I was selected. It filled me with energy, enthusiasm and hope. I could interact with lots of people from various backgrounds and a chance to listen to their struggles. I wrote articles on Azure services: CLICK HERE After MSP, I became president of Techsters, where I was in-charge of taking care of social responsibility. These events were real confidence-boosters.


The placement season was fast approaching and I studied hard for them. Finally, the hard work paid off and I joined Salesforce. The interviewers were impressed by my work in a startup. Everything happened for a reason. After this, I continued as my stint @ Microsoft Student Partner and was chosen for MSP Asia Summit 2020 in Singapore. I will soon be attending Imagine Cup and Microsoft Ignite tour. Apart from networking, I will get a chance to hear their unique stories. Recently, I attended the MSP India Summit as well. Overall, it has been a great journey.

Things that I learned from my life:

  • Hard work. Practice makes a man perfect.
  • Nothing is powerful than your destiny.
  • Follow your heart as it has immense power to do anything.

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