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'If I can, anybody can'

When Madhurya walked into the NIT Suratkal campus, she was an insecure introvert (in her own words). Now as the last year student of B.Tech Civil Engineering, she is an enthusiastic extrovert (in her own words!). What unfurled at the campus? Here's Madhurya's story.

Frankly, I never thought I would narrate my story to someone. If you want to hear another common person's yet different story, then here I am narrating one for you. The story of my journey from being an insecure introvert to an enthusiastic extrovert. This wasn't an instant change though. It took a great deal to change from what I was a few years ago to what I am now.

Do you know what's the worst feeling ever? You give up on yourself and you start doubting yourself. This happened when I entered my 11th standard. The peer pressure and dropping marks hit me really hard that I was in stress almost every other day. My health started deteriorating and so did my marks. At the end of the 2 years, I reached a stage where I lost confidence in myself, like most students out there. And I told myself that I was an introvert, one who wouldn't speak with people at all.

Somehow, I got selected in the JEE Mains exam and got into NITK Surathkal, located in Mangalore. That's when my entire life changed. I won the elections and became a Class Representative for my section and became a part of the students' council. This way I actually discovered the leader in me. I faced a lot of backlashes, there were times I even cried with me taking every small thing into my heart. There were times, I thought I would even give up the post. But the only thing that stopped me was the fact that I don't want people to know that I am weak. I had no choice but to be strong and move forward at that point in time. Thanks to a my seniors and few others, who helped and guided me throughout.

And the end of the year, my nomination for CR got rejected and I was disappointed to the core. But then I decided to focus on my pointer and I actually did a great job in it. At the start of the second year, I again stood up for another post only to lose it. We had club recruitment and yet again couldn't make it any of them. The only two things I was involved in at that point were NSS and Spicmacay (a national cultural movement). I started actively taking part in these two clubs and gave my best. Without losing hope, I again stood for the CR post in the third year, only to lose it. And then again stood for the alumni coordinator post, and lost again.

Losing all these things made me feel really depressed and I thought I was not worth anything. But that's when companies started coming to the college and I started appearing one after the other only to get rejected. I was rejected by almost 3-4 companies, but all this while I remained positive and I got into the Wells Fargo company. After so many failures this was something for me to cheer up. At the end of the third year, I stood for the vice-president of the Student body in my college, only to .... Any guess what happened? This time I actually won with a great majority, and it was time I readied myself up for more challenges. As the year is progressing, I face a new challenge every day and try to overcome it with all the strength I have.

There's one thing I want to say - If I can do it, anyone can. Every day should be a new challenge, and that challenge becomes an opportunity for you to grow and learn something new every day. Day by day you become stronger and more ready for the real world.

Tell us about NITK Surathkal days.

Life at NITK Surathkal was interesting, something that has transformed me completely. Here, as soon as I joined the college, the spirit of being a NITKian made me feel like I have to do something awesome in the college like I started going to every event, and I tried my best to contribute wherever I can. At NITK, it's like you've many forums where you can meet new people and open up your mind.

For an introvert like you, how did the transformation happen? Can you mention any defining point?

Inspiration and motivation, where I got inspiration and motivation to be outspoken by a person. Once you start something, then there's no looking back.

This is your passing-out year. What are your career plans? In 10 years from now, where do you think you will be?

Right now, I'm still confused about how exactly should I plan my career. These four years, I have changed it almost thrice or four times. But there's one thing I always come back to whenever I deviate. After a few years of working experience, I would like to pursue an MBA. But let's see how things go in the future.

How important has been the leadership roles in your campus?

Leadership in a place like a college is like a mini world, where you get to meet people with very different ideologies, thoughts, likes and dislikes. And it is something which connects as a bridge between the two different entities: students and the institute itself. Every day starts with a challenge and ends with a challenge. It never lets one stay in their comfort zone. And urges one to be a better person every day.

What are the habits that have helped you reach where you are now?

  • Always think about what's next.
  • Enjoying self.
  • Keep yourself positive even in tough situations
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