Six-time CAT topper doesn't want IIM admission

He is a teacher who just wants to show students how the toughest exam can be cracked!

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When a commentator rips apart a batsman for playing a poor shot, the most commonly heard sly remark is: "Can you play that shot?'' Even players have posed such queries to top commentators, leaving them flummoxed. The most common repartee from commentators in such instances is, "Do you need to be a chef to say if a biriyani is good or bad?"

Inevitably, the question is all about what authority does a person have before commenting on something so authoritatively? Perhaps to nullify any such questions that could arise from students, a Mumbai-based CAT (Common Admission Test) coach appeared for the prestigious, and one of the toughest, exams 17 times and topped it for the sixth time this year. Meet Patrick D'Souza. In 2019, he figured among 10 candidates from across the country to have obtained a perfect 100 percentile in the nationwide competitive exam. And he is doing it consistently not to get into any IIMs, but to prove a point to students how such an exam can be cracked with techniques and his own meticulous ways, something which he always passes it on to students.

D’Souza, who has appeared 17 times for the exam, claims this helps him stay updated with the exam cracking techniques. “CAT is not just an exam to assess knowledge, but also tests how one applies that knowledge, besides the psychology of the candidates. I use special techniques to appear for the exam. I first attempted this in 2004 to check if my techniques worked. The pattern of the exam keeps changing and we need to stay updated. Also, it helps me understand a student’s attitude while appearing for it,” D'Souza told Indian Express, in an interview.

D’Souza appeared for CAT for the first time in 1996. While he cracked his exam then, he was not among the top scorers. After pursuing his degree, he worked for a couple of years in marketing and moved on to teaching in 2002, and has been a trainer since then. Nearly a dozen of his students have scored 99 percentile, however, none scored the coveted 100.

He offered tips to future aspirants, “While preparing for English, reading is important and solving puzzles beyond books is critical for DLR. For Mathematics, try not to use formulas.”

But is it not fair on a teacher's part to appear for an entrance exam just for the sake of it? "I am not hogging a seat from a candidate as I don't apply for admission to the IIMs. Teaching is my calling. All I want is to make students confident."

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