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For Hunar, Mars is the limit!


She is just a student, and she has no plans to stop. Currently pursuing undergraduation in BSc Computer Science Honours from Delhi University, she has achieved what many can't in their lifetime. Technology is her focus area and that's where she sees the future, not just for her, but for the New Gen as well. Huna regularly conducts hands-on workshops on the latest developer technologies to help students hone technical expertise.

There's more. Read on to find out what Hunar's dream is.

Nothing is impossible in life if your dreams are big and the sky is the limit. If you set your mind to a goal and persistently work towards it, success will always be on your side. My goal is to bring a change in the world by infusing technology with my innovative ideas, to solve the problems prevalent around us. I have already been recognized as the first Indian to receive The Mars Generation 24 under 24 award for being an Innovator and Leader in STEM. I also co-founded an AI-based Start-up, leading the Developer Student Club powered by Google Developers in my college and working on technology-based projects to combat real-world problems.

Going back to where it all started from, as a kid, I’ve always had a streak of creativity and entrepreneurship in me and my experiences have molded me into thinking creatively, out of the box. From conducting my own art exhibitions at the age of 10 to having a graphic designing blog with thousands of followers, putting stalls at Green Fair in my school and running a retail business on shopclues, I have tried it all. Eventually, I took commerce in high school and a few months later I realised that accountancy, economics were not my cup of tea. So, I started exploring different fields to discover my true passion. As I explored the rudiments of Computer Science, I knew that technology was what I wanted to pursue a career in. Albeit, my journey was a little unconventional but owing to my strong love and passion for technology, I am currently pursuing undergraduation in BSc Computer Science Honours from Delhi University. Being a creative person with an exploratory nature, for me, Computer Science is Arts, using which I covet to develop useful software that would aid combat real-world problems.


As I stepped into college, I felt lost in this completely new world, being new to programming, having no information about resources, opportunities and no one to guide me. I spent my first year of college learning and gaining skills from online courses, searching for resources, applying for various competitions and opportunities. After a dozen of rejections from several competitions and programs, I finally succeeded by winning the Summer with Google Program, Smart City Challenge at IIT Delhi, having my ideation paper on ‘Ingestible Robots’ accepted to the 15th WONCA World Rural Health Conference and ranked 15th in All India Gen-Z Leadership Olympiad. With all that I accomplished within the first year of college itself, it boosted my confidence and made me believe that I can achieve anything if I work towards it persistently.

I realised that students in my college were unaware of such resources and opportunities, and they were apprehensive of their own capabilities. To bridge this gap, I felt the need to start something big. Hence, I initiated the Developer Student Club in my college in January 2019, which aims to foster technical skills among students and empower them to build technological solutions. The main goal of the club is to provide students with the right direction, encouragement and resources that will help them in equipping the latest technical skills. I regularly conduct hands-on workshops on the latest developer technologies to help students hone technical expertise. The club has successfully trained over 200 students till now and mentored several students with project work. We are also working along with local organisations and NGO’s to help them solve their day to day problems by building a technical solution for them.


We are currently in the midst of a technological and computing revolution that will drastically change our lives and potentially redefine what it means to be human. Since my own lifetime has essentially coincided with the rise of the modern computing industry, I can sense that there are still tremendous developments to come in the field. I’m always keen to develop useful applications and inspire students in my community and college about the power of technology.

I recently Co-founded a startup, Hushtech AI, which addresses business challenges by providing conversational AI solutions for automating marketing and lead generation. Thanks to my knack for problem-solving, I enjoy taking part in hackathons and my team was the National Finalist in Smart India Hackathon 2019, which is India’s biggest hackathon by MHRD, Govt. of India. I actively speak at several tech events to inspire and encourage students to step into the world of technology and open source. I am mentoring young students in Google Code-in this year for Tensorflow to give school students exposure to technologies, which I lacked back in my school days. My contributions have been recognised by esteemed organisations like The Mars Generation and Tech Will Save Us. I’m extremely passionate about leveraging technology for building solutions to problems around us and inspire others to do the same.

I am very excited at the prospect of devoting my long-term career to such a dynamic, fast-advancing field. The endless magical possibilities of Computer Science and the idea of bringing my imagination to life is what really excites me to flourish a career in technology. In the coming years, I aspire to be a Techpreneur. I strongly believe that the day you start believing you can do it, nothing can stop you from achieving it.


Tell us a bit about Mars 24 under 24 award. How has it been beneficial?

The Mars Generation 24 under 24 award identifies and catalyses the efforts of young people around the world who are breaking barriers in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) fields and bringing the sciences to the public through multi-disciplinary interests. Being a 24 under 24 awardee, apart from the award and press release, I got introduced to an international group of individuals under 24 who are making a tremendous impact on changing the world both now and in the future. The mission of Mars Generation is to build a stronger tomorrow by energising the youth of today about STEM.

Interestingly, you said Computer Science comes under Arts. Can you elaborate?

Computer Science is a field with boundless potential which can be defined by the innovativeness and creativity of the developer. I wouldn’t say that it comes under arts, rather it is a form of art. Computer Science can be used to develop applications and software by translating imagination into code.

You take many workshops for children and students. What's the biggest takeaway from them? How responsive are they?

All the workshops are hands-on and this makes the workshops more interactive and intriguing while providing skills to the students. I’ve trained and mentored over 200 students in the past year. With the learnings from the workshops, students have been building their own applications, doing certified courses and participating in hackathons. Having a technical community is extremely helpful as everyone learns and grows together, and seeing them grow is the best thing ever.

You are dreaming of becoming a techpreneur. Do you have any specific plans/ideas in mind?

With my interest in Artificial Intelligence along with my acumen for business, I dream of being a successful techpreneur in near future. I can see vast potential in applications of Deep Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, and I plan to leverage these to build software as a service product. My experience with Hushtech AI has helped me gain exposure to different aspects of a business.

What are those habits of yours (minimum 1, maximum 5) which have helped you reach where you are currently?

  • Following an optimistic approach in life and never giving up even in the hardest times.
  • Keeping my self updated about the latest developments, inventions and research happening in emerging technologies like Deep Learning, Brain Computer Interfaces, AI, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision etc.
  • Talking to people and knowing about their past experiences are extremely enlightening. It has made me realise that no one is born successful and every successful person once started from level zero.
  • Practising the art of self-learning by teaching myself about new fields through internet resources and online courses.
  • Prioritising my work and utilising time efficiently. Taking a break from social media helps me enhance my productivity and utilise my time effectively.
  • Applying for various opportunities and exploring different areas has helped me grow as well as realise my true interest.
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