Malavika springs a surprise

Malavika Menon is a Computer Science Major student but worked on a project involving Nano Science and Biology. You may be wondering at the irony of it, but that's exactly what made Malavika eligible for the prestigious Harvard College Conference next year. In a chat with Team Fayz, she recounts the journey.

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From my school days, I have been someone who experiments with a lot of things. Everyone around me seemed to have a strong passion for something. For me though, I just had multiple things I enjoyed doing. I enjoyed dancing, writing, quizzing, Karate, participating in science exhibitions. It was really just diving into what I saw in front of me.


I worked on a Science Project during Class XI with my friend and with a lot of help from my mother who happens to be a Physics professor. The teachers asked us to come up with an idea to apply for the CBSE Regional Science Exhibition. The idea was to develop an anti-bacterial fabric using silver nano-particles. After putting around three months of work into the project, spending almost every weekend and holiday experimenting and trying out, we managed to have a successful product to take to the Regional Science Exhibition. Fortunately for us, we were selected for the National Science Exhibition in New Delhi. We worked on the project further and developed it to a better scale. But we did not win at the National Exhibition and it turned out to be a big disappointment.


But trust me, life works in different ways. While applying for the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR), to attend the Harvard College Conference 2020, I had included this project in my resume. And once I was selected for the interview round, the major questions that the interviewer asked me, revolved around this project. She said she found it really interesting that a student majoring in Computer Science had worked on a project involving Nano Science and Biology. And I believe this was one of the important factors that led to my selection. Who would have thought that a project I worked on while in school would have helped me to attend one of the most prestigious conferences out there!


Even after coming to college, I have continued my habit of being a part of everything that comes my way. I am trying my hand at coding, attending hackathons (even if I donโ€™t win any!), being part of organizing teams at college for Excel, our Tech Fest. Besides dancing, I am a part of the content team in college too. But there are loads of times when I mess things up big time. I am still trying to figure myself out and I feel the best way to do that is to explore and grab any opportunity that comes your way!

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