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Yashika's Kahaani, with twists and turns

Yashika Kalra is a student, a coder, a writer, a developer and a big fan of binge-watching random shows. A random scene in the 2012 Bollywood thriller Kahaani, starring Vidya Balan, triggered her interest in technology and there has been no looking back. So what's her Kahaani? Read on.

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Well, it all started back in 2012 when I was very much into watching movies and TV shows. Ever since I started to think and observe things, it was not just for fun. I started questioning the plot and even suggesting alternative endings. Now, in 2012 a movie named Kahaani was released which really brought me nearer to tech. I know that sounds silly. You definitely are thinking what was special there, right? So, without wasting any further time, I’ll hop on to the part which is relevant here.

There was a scene in the movie in which Vidya Balan’s character goes to a police station wherein she hacks the system to get the information. At that time all this was really daunting for me, black screen, random codes, hacking, photoshop… It was then that I realized that this is something I want to pursue, didn’t knew how but was very much sure, it’ll be worth it.


Well, it was time to keep everything aside and focus on real things like choosing subjects for high school where I had become an introvert as I was growing up in a Girls' School. Also, the most common perception was still there that those who get good marks were supposed to take Medical and Non-Medical while those who are not very good should refrain from going to these fields as it requires a lot of sleepless nights and extra efforts.

Anyhow, I chose Non-Medical with Computer Science (which I’m really proud of) despite having average marks in 9th and 10th class and despite everyone warning me as nobody had scored good enough in Computer Science (C++). That’s where my journey and interest in coding began. Thanks to our teacher Khyati Kapoor who had always been on my side making me learn and helping me reach to a level of being a topper in Computer Science.

The journey sadly ended there (for some time). Since I did not perform well in the entrance examination, I could either choose a better college or a better field (CSE/IT for me) in B.Tech. I chose B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering thinking it wouldn’t require efforts and I could pursue my passion for coding on the side, but life isn’t all black and white, there always are shades of all colors. Now, here’s a fact: you can either focus on college, get a good percentage and shift to other branches within college after a year or you suck at the same college, the same field, with low marks and no friends for four years. I fell into the latter category.

There’s a saying, help comes to those who help themselves, well I guess, I was lucky to get opportunities from really unexpected places which brought me into the forefront out of nowhere. There are two main things that happened during my second year at college which changed my life completely:

*I joined IEEE student branch at my college which was recommended by a fellow batch-mate as a task.

*I got selected for Android Basics Nanodegree Scholarship Phase-1 (later Phase-2) by Udacity, co-created by Google.

*I got blessed with more such awesome communities and organizations to be a part of through my experience in the field and got a chance to visit Google, Gurugram office by Womentechmaker Wtm.

My journey doesn’t end here, nor does yours. Life comes with unexpected encounters and learning experiences for a lifetime. Never cut your wings after failing to fly once, rather gather courage and strength to fly higher and higher the next time. I hope there are more such learning experiences that I can share and hope we all learn from our mistakes and not stop chasing how we initially dreamed our life to be.

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