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Priyanshu: The Jack of all trades!

Priyanshu is the proverbial jack of all trades. From painting/drawing to speedcubing to film-making to coding to photography, there is nothing Priyanshu has not left his mark with. Besides, as an engineering student at KIIT University in Bhubaneswar, he has a terrific academic record as well. Not to speak about his strict health regimen, having fought obesity at an early age.

Here's Priyanshu Sarmah in FIRST PERSON:

I was born in Guwahati, Assam, where I stayed for the first eight years of my life. Then we moved to Goa, where we have been living there ever since. Throughout my childhood, I loved to draw and paint. Whenever I saw anything interesting or something touched my heart, I would get back home and draw it. It was my way of capturing the moment. I loved the joy that art would bring in me. I would spill the crayons all over the floor until I finished my daily ‘mini-masterpiece’. As time passed, I started sending my drawings to newspapers where it would get published. Also, I was starting to get recognized in school for my artworks. Eventually, my school held a solo art exhibition showcasing my artworks. It still remains one of my fondest moments.


With a good academic career throughout, I also won five National Art competitions, sold a few paintings for a cancer patient charity and donated the proceedings.

Apart from art, I would participate in various extra-curricular activities in school. I represented the school in various science exhibitions held in various cities such as Mumbai and Bengaluru. I am also an ardent fan of speedcubing.


Speedcubing, as is probably evident, is where one has to solve a Rubik's cube in the least amount of time. Within months of fiddling with the cube, I managed to do in just 13 seconds. Taking my passion for cubing to the next level, I participated in National Speedcubing Meets held in various parts of the country. I also played cricket as an all-rounder for the team for various state tournaments.

Through all of it, I was also inclined towards the computer and liked coding. So, when it was time to choose a stream, and I naturally picked the Science stream. In higher secondary school, due to the excessive study load and pressure of examinations always looming around the corner, I succumbed to a sedentary lifestyle that did not include many physical activities. I also did not pay attention to what l was consuming, resulting in me gaining weight. Alarmingly, this pushed me to the brink of obesity.

After graduating high school with flying colours, I joined KIIT University in Bhubaneswar, Odisha to study engineering, which opened up new experiences. With so much happening around me, I got a lot of exposure to photography and film-making. Slowly, taking cues from a lot of Youtube tutorials and through various friends, I started honing my camera skills. Eventually, this resulted in some exciting stuff. Details, later.


During the second semester, I joined one of the university’s numerous gyms. I was determined to get fit. Every day, I would go lift weights and soon enough, I fell in love with it. Within a period of about nine months, I went from being near obese to a fit and healthy kid, having shed off the weight I’d gained in high school. And obviously, I had to flaunt my abs as well! My arduous journey from being obese to getting fit is something that I will always be proud of.




With so much happening, by the time 2018 came to an end, I decided to start my own Youtube channel. I did not have any camera gear back then but I just wanted to make videos and document my own journey through life. I created and uploaded my first video - my daily routine in university - on my Youtube channel in January. As of now, that video has more than 120,000 views. Gaining momentum and experience, I started posting more videos and within a span of about three months, I started getting recognised. People from all over the country got to know me through my videos and appreciated my videography and editing skills.

Meanwhile, I also did my summer internship at ONGC, Goa during the months of May and June. And obviously, I had to make a video about it! You can find it on my Youtube channel. When I returned to college from the summer break, a pleasant surprise was waiting for me. People from various professional fields started contacting me to make or shoot their videos. I am not one of those who would let this opportunity go. I accepted whatever offers came my way. Within a span of a few months, I was making all kinds of videos. So far, I have worked with a number of regional celebrities from Odisha belonging to diverse fields like fashion, choreography, fitness and acting. I also worked for the dance reality show ‘Dance Odisha Dance’ and covered various events throughout the city and have made their official videos.

In the midst of all of this, my research paper in Cluster Algorithms, in collaboration with other partners, has also been published in the journal ‘Springer’ of 4th International Conference on Inventive Computation Technologies (ICICT) held in Coimbatore this year.


2019 has been a good year for me. I feel grateful for what all events had in store for me. With things unexpectedly taking a wild turn, I ended up discovering more of my inner self. A few years from now when I look back at this year, I know I will cherish these moments. To conclude, I am still on the path of doing all the things I love and will continue to do so. My journey to improve and make myself better knows no end. I have always loved working hard on things I love. My thirst to try out and learn new things is insatiable. I continue to love and enjoy my life as it unfolds.

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