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Hari is deeply passionate about photography and he wants to share his skills, whatever little he has learnt, to students and photography enthusiasts. Hari has been conducting workshops, mostly on basic photography skills and its technicalities, across campuses in Kerala. For instance, at Rajagiri Engineering College recently, he did a workshop on mobile photography, which was well received by students.


Despite having done engineering at SNGCE, Kolenchery, photography is Hari’s biggest passion and that's where he wants to leave his mark. Nowadays, with increased social media exposure, he thinks showcasing skills has become easy. That's why he considers Instagram as one of his favourite mediums where all the action happens.


How did he develop his interest in photography? Says Hari, "My interest in photography began at Class X when a few of my friends bought an entry-level DSLR camera. Since my cousin had a PC, I started learning and using Photoshop. That was the time when Facebook was exploding with pictures and we have all made use of it as a platform to showcase our skills."


The next step was to start a business and Hari and his friends started a venture called Tripod Arts, a wedding photo-shoot company. "Frankly, I did not have any industry experience, but most of my partners had. I think from there I get to know more about the industry as well as photography."


Later, when he joined SNGCE, SNGCE Kadayirippu, he was not ready to leave his foremost passion, photography, and it was certainly new exposure, opening up new avenues, even in photography.


“Engineering was all about new things, new experience. Aesthetic sense started to change. We started a small group which later on turned out to be Hidden Tales, which I am proud of. Every one of my batchmates, seniors, juniors, teachers helped me in every possible way.”

Hari is one of the co-founders of Hidden Tales which has now grown into a big community of sorts, with over 300 people (across Kerala) interested in not just photography, but also arts, music, calligraphy, and writing. Hidden Tales also conducts campaign walks, photo walks, sketch walks, and sign walks.


“We conducted Kerala's first-ever Sign Walk and the session was headed by Prajwal Xavier, a calligraphy artist. It was attended by 17 budding and enthusiastic artists who participated in the event,” says Hari. Hari says Hidden Tales has tied up with Bhoomika NGO to make its projects bigger and better.

Link to Hari's first workshop video which was conducted last month: click here

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