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Can faith move mountains?

Vansika Pareek

How do you know that you can always turn to your mother? What do you feel when you trust someone? Why do you carry/wear your lucky charm when it is an important day? Why do you love? What light has which dark lacks?

The answer to all the above questions in some way is faith. What to have faith in and is it really that important?

Each one of us has faith in someone or something. The most simple and obvious example is religion. The chaos, riots and divisions are a different story but what actually each and every religion tells us is to have faith because people who have faith feel strong. And when we feel strong, we are unbreakable.

No one has seen Lord Rama or Jesus Christ. No one knows if there is a supreme power. Yet we believe in God because of the stories that have been passed on to us. We praise all the great deeds done by the lords and believe that there is someone great who will always do the right thing to the right people. The lords will never ever do anything wrong to a person who worships them because that is what the stories say. So we all (or most of us) visit holy places or remember God whenever we are in trouble. So, does God actually take away a problem from our life? The problem is still there, but now we have the power to sustain because we feel that the problem was way bigger than it is now and our prayers have reduced the intensity. In reality, we are just feeling stronger than before.

The same theory goes for lucky charms. If you wear a particular ring to an interview will that change the course of the interview? Will the interviewer now ask relatively easy questions on seeing that ring? Or did your IQ increase suddenly?

You have faith that the ring is your lucky charm and things will now be in your favour but actually you feel strong and more confident about yourself. The ring is just a medium. Humans often (or always) want a medium to move forward because they find it relatively difficult to have faith in themselves.

Here is a very important thing to think about. We all know about death. What is the order in which we realise that a particular thing will break or a particular person will die eventually? It is somewhat like this:

Myself > others (including non-living things) > God

So we often have faith in this order. We want to ensure that our faith never dies because it is what makes us strong. Having faith in any person or thing is perfectly okay till you understand that nothing is immortal including our stories and religions. I don’t deny the existence of God ( I personally have immense faith in God) but the stories and religion live independently from God and we feel God because of stories and religion. Not in the near future but the course of these stories may change and our very foundation of faith may get destroyed.

The best way is to have faith in yourself because then you don’t have to rely on anything external. Also, as I said earlier it is fine to have faith in anything till you understand that even after the thing ceases to exist you are powerful.

Faith helps us to move forward. You have faith that when the next day you return home it will be still there, the Earth won’t suddenly swallow it all. A child has faith in his parents that they will protect him no matter what.

People in their life often face problems; perfection is near infinity, moving past them is all about feeling stronger than them and having faith.

Have faith and keep moving!

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