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How to get the most out of college life

Greeshma Anantharaman

College life is the time when you have a lot of time and freedom. There is no pressure to make money – its almost like a sponsored free time.

For anybody yet to join college – make sure that you choose the ones that offer you a lot of freedom and always choose ones that are outside your city and state! This is of course for the independence and moreover, going to a new state exposes you to a totally new culture.

Here goes my list. List of some things I did right and things I wish I did.

Try everything – College is the best time to explore. Go for all college activities you are curious about. Go for activities in the city if your college doesn’t offer enough and in the process find the things that you love doing.

Explore the creative you – Start your own personal projects – whether it is making memes, video editing, rapping, carpentry or cooking.

Meet new people – Constantly keep talking to new people. Find friends outside your class and ones in and around your hostel room. Have deep conversations – see what it is like to live in the other person’s shoes. And in the process – find your kind of people.

Be independent – Learn all the survival skills. Learn to fill out applications, book train tickets, bank transactions, washing clothes, cooking, fixing laptop virus (yes it will happen often). Learn all the life hacks.

Be emotionally independent – Learn to be happy on your own and not to depend on other people for your happiness. Learn to have some good alone time.

Break Free from the fear of society – Do what you love and think is right. Don’t live in the fear of “Log kya kahenge.” And this “log” also includes your peers, not just the older people. Learn to fear the society less.

Travel – Explore new places. Save up your pocket money. Travel cheap. Just hop onto the general compartment and go to places!

Watch movies, series and read books – Immerse yourself in the world of movies and books. They will grow you, inspire you, and also help find your passion!

Do sports – Find out the sports you enjoy playing. It will keep you stay fit – both physically and mentally.

Take online courses – Colleges often do not equip us with skills to land a job in the real world! Do some online courses that interest you and ones that are also in demand in the job market.

Internships – Do internships in your sem breaks. Try doing it in a city you have always been fascinated about. Its again another way to find your work love and can save you some job quitting after college!

And the last and most important of them all –

Have fun – Learn to just chill and enjoy. Learn to fully live in the moment. Ultimately what matters is not what you achieve but the journey alone.

College life when done right, can be one of the best times of your life. Make all the mistakes and learn all the life lessons. Explore yourself and life. Go in as a kid and come out as a wise enlightened person.

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