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The girl who wrote poetry in question papers!

A chance essay competition sparked the fire in Vansika Pareek to take up writing though most of her peers were eyeing corporate or IT jobs. She bagged a clutch of prizes in the first competition she ever took, and there has been no looking back. Peppered with instinctive philosophical quotes (given her age, it’s astounding), Vansika opens her heart out to Team Fayz about her writing habits and how she nurtured it.

Let us begin from the beginning.

I was just 17 when my teacher told me to participate in a week-long essay writing . Every day the time and word limit increased. Around 60 students were chosen from throughout the country every day of the week. I was picked for the first day. Don’t get me wrong, but the cash prize was my bait, and I participated every single day. And I was rewarded with the cash prize three times. Frankly, I never tried writing before this Golden Week. Golden? Because what I earned was priceless.

Though I was chasing the cash prize for a while, I realised the hidden talent of writing in me. That was the moment of realization. I started writing every day, no matter what and life was awesome but...

One fine day my mother asked me about my career path. I had no clue because to choose a path one should know about at least a few paths but every counsellor who came to my school in some way reflected that there was nothing above IIT. So that is how I landed in a coaching institute after completing my secondary education. But I did not want to leave my passion, whatever career path I would tread.

Explore. Maybe you are missing out on so many things. Maybe your destination is the other way. Maybe you could not find a path to reach there because you are not even aware of the fact that it exists.

This was the time when writing was at its peak. I used to write in classes, between the classes, on rough sheets, inside the books, at the back of question papers and where not. I used to spend some time every day with pen and paper.

Be Consistent. Make sure to spend time doing thing(s) you love every single day. It will fill you with happiness and a feeling of satisfaction.

One thing I regret is that I did not compile my writings then (it is a habit until now but I am improving :)) Compilations are really important because when you look back you know where you came from.

Back to the career front, I could not make it to an IIT but somehow managed to get into the National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur. From being topper in the school to being an average student in college, the first year was not a great experience. I felt suffocated as I belonged somewhere else. During the final Chemistry exam, I wrote what was enough to get the pass mark and used the question paper to write poems for the rest of the time. I really needed a break. So I decided to go to the summer camp at Delhi Poetry Slam.


Break or I must say change. Don’t forget to take a break. It really helps.

The summer of 2017 was simply amazing. So many like-minded people came together, sharing words, expressions, feelings, and souls. I got a chance to host the final session and a chance to recite my poem in front of a live audience. When I came back to college, I was happy. Nothing less or more.

Let us talk about the second year of college. Oh wait, I forgot to tell you I haveComputer Science as my major. I am Vansika Pareek, an undergrad at NITH. In the excitement to unfold my journey I completely forgot to introduce myself. Oops. I was mesmerized by slam poetry so I decided to open a YouTube channel to upload videos and feel happy about it. I spent most of the fourth semester reaching out to people I know for small talk which can inspire people or entertain them.

In the summer of ’18, I interned at IIT Ropar. I spent most of the time writing blog and a little time writing code. I had a habit of writing diaries on places I visited during college and posting them on FaceBook. I used to write on every possible platform.

It made me happy and that is what really matters. Your happiness.

I was invited by ATKT to be a part of their open mic evening which was one of the most beautiful evenings I have ever experienced. Here is the video from that evening, it is really close to my heart.

I decided to drop college in my third year and talked to my parents about it. They were taken aback because I was running away. They tried to convince me but later left it on me because I was old enough to make a decision. I stayed.

Try to make the best out of what you have and life will make ways for you. Trust me.

I stayed because I did not want to repeat the same mistake. I was leaving without exploring. I decided to give myself a little time with computers and decide how I like it. And guess what, I loved it. I familiarized myself with programming and started to contribute to open-source in January 2019. The summer of ‘19 was wow. I participated in Google Summer of Code which is one of the best experiences in my life. I am glad I did not leave.

But writing is love, always. I sometimes post on my blog and mostly on Instagram to feel happy about every poem or piece I write.

Try to live every moment. Do what you love to do. And most importantly, spend time to realise your call.

Vansika is working part-time as a Software Developer for MetaBrainz Foundation Inc

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