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Coaching is tougher than playing

Ever since childhood, Nikhil Menon has been passionate about sports, particularly football, basketball, and athletics. At the age of 10, as an athlete, he represented the district at the sub-junior level. However, when his parents were transferred from Kochi to elsewhere, the sporting schedule took a hit. Years later, when Nikhil got into Toc H Institute of Science and Technology (Cochin University) for a bachelor's degree in civil engineering, he took to sports again.

During the university football team trials, Nikhil met Vipin Anto, his coach, and mentor. Under Vipin’s tutelage, he played for the team for four years and kept growing as a player, and later as a coach. Nikhil started coaching the college football team from his second year. “It was a smooth affair despite having to manage senior players,” says Nikhil.


During the final year, Nikhil got his coaching license and even cleared the Coaching Course before he left the college premises. Soon, he became one of the coaches at a nearby academy right.

And finally, Nikhil joined Sporthood Sports Academy , one of the top coaching centres in Bangalore. Now, he has completed three years at Sporthood and is leading a coaching team of 30 coaches. Nikhil is now planning to go for a higher license and building a team of better coaches.


How did you develop an interest in sports? What are the earliest inspirations?

Most of my friends were into sports and for me too, it was a natural progression.

What are your favourite games?

Football, basketball, and athletics.

Why no cricket ?

I started taking classes for basketball and football and as I was very confident about my football skills, so naturally, I got involved in that. Basically, I am an athlete and my abilities are more suitable for football than cricket. Each sport has its own demands.


How tough is it to coach young players?

Coaching young players is very challenging. The need of each player is different and we have to understand every player to get desired results. It's also important that we keep all the players occupied and interested in the game. Not all players walk into the academy with great skills.

Playing or coaching? Which is tough?

It’s much easier to play.

How do you plan to update your coaching skills?

I plan to do (more) coaching-related courses in the future.

Who is your favorite footballer? And teams?

Andrea Pirlo. Barcelona and Spain.

Tell us one habit which you are proud of.


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