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Breaking the shell

For many engineering aspirants, not getting into IIT means the end of the world. Niti Mangwani from Indore too thought the same. Niti joined IET,DAVV where she struggled during the first few months. Depressed, she preferred staying alone. Slowly, due to her association with the vibrant community in the college, she opened up. It was a different life that awaited her. Now, Niti is a totally different person and here she talks to Team Fayz about her stunning transformation.

Born and brought up in Indore, I completed my high school from Choithram School and am currently pursuing my third year computer science engineering at IET,DAVV. Like most engineering students, I also prepared for IIT-JEE , cracked it but couldn’t get a good rank to get into a prestigious IIT. Hence, picked IET. I had this impression like many others that if you don’t get into IIT, then you are not as worthy as other students. This got stuck in my mind and I rated myself poorly. The year I got into my college, I was so depressed and I preferred staying alone. Then gradually I adjusted myself, participated in activities, and slowly the world opened up.


The path to where I am today is a result of series of acceptances I made. Before jumping to my achievements, let me tell you the story behind it.

I was a totally naive, gullible person before I was 15. I was shy and dumb. I used to study in an all-girl school. My life changed soon after I changed my school. I went to a co-ed school and noticed how things are totally different. I noticed where I stand in the real world. I was so shy and reluctant that I didn’t give my FA’s (where you have to act and speak in front of the whole class) in the first year. I was ready to forego my grades because of my shyness. Things changed when I fortunately found friends who pulled me up and made me felt comfortable. They helped gain confidence and that was the time I started grabbing all the opportunities. I discovered my true self, how capable I was and how less exposed I was to the real world. From then I tried hard to excel in every opportunity that came way and never got disheartened If I couldn’t make it. One amongst them was SMART INDIA HACKATHON (India’s largest hackathon). This was a major turning point in my life. Our idea got selected and we had to travel to Ghaziabad for the semi-finals. I was the only girl in my team.


After the 36-hour hackathon, I discovered that I could work in challenging environments and learnt how working in a team is so important. That was a whole lot of different experience. Apart from coding and an inclination towards programming, it taught me to never lose hope and always keep trying. The requirements of the software kept changing with each assessment round and there were times we totally felt directionless but we stayed persistent. I was the one who presented our product in front of the judges from top-notch companies. This is where it came into my realization that how my present personality contrasts with the personality I had before. Also, my first two years were filled with numerous opportunities from professors to compering events. Gradually I started loving public speaking and since then I have handled many events so far.


After this, I got an opportunity by the HOD of our department to intern in the university and under her guidance, I developed the website of my university’s college for four months which our team won the second prize. Since then I’ve started programming and discovered my passion for it. I love working in a team and exploring people. I am also in the college team of table tennis and volleyball and love playing sports. I’ve had my share of ups and downs but my mother has always inspired me and motivated me. She is the one I dedicate everything to. I love studying and I am looking forward to doing masters from a good university. I also play violin in my free time and in some college events. Also, I love doing charcoal sketching. Since I am in the third year, now I don’t get time to do all these activities as companies will be coming for placements this year but I wish to continue them.

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