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“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

It’s not sure if Sai Abhinay Chepuri, a BTech Computer Science student, has taken inspiration from this adage, but in life, he seems to be closely following what it conveys. Even as a teenager, Sai is offering employment to hundreds of people and thus helping many families earn their livelihood. His start-up Make It Memorable (MIM) Creative Works aims to see citizens earning themselves. Over to Sai Sai Abhinay Chepuri.



I am the founder and managing director of MIM Creative Works, a career development based start-up aiming to see Indian citizens earning themselves. I strongly believe if a person has a talent or skill, he can pick it as a career and lead a good life.


I grew up admiring my father, who not only works hard, but also works smartly. He is a businessman who has seen many ups and downs in his life. He always advises me, "never give up”. He sits with me and shares his experiences he encountered in his life. His motto is: aim big and work hard until you get recognised in society. My journey started as a silent observer to all the developments concerning our country. I have always been interested in writing blogs, quotations and content development. I have been trained by Sai Ravi Teja Polina, Lokesh Sanam, Harshavardhan and Valaparla Paul Sandeep. I took photography lessons from Vivek Kusuma (Vicky Adams), Gouravelly Abhilash Rao, Bajaru Abhishek (Bunny), Lok Pavan Kumar, Nikhil Satya Saish, Sai Manohar Reddy. Mohan Sriram, Tarun Netha Ambala offered me great inputs for editing. Sai KrishnaYadav (SKY), Suresh Reddy Polinati, Venkatesh Kondeti helped me with direction. I took up lessons in web development from Racha Manish and Aitha Sunnyth Krishna. I got trained as an event manager by Manideep Prathipati and many more. I got training in financial and marketing research and management through Jitendra Sai Ramineni,Burle Sriram and Sahithi Garikapati.
There are many more things that I learned from many people. I thank Sanjana for being a great mentor and being an integral part of my life.” Without you there is no Sai Abhinay which means there is no success.”


Start-up days

In 2018, I was recognised by a startup organisation as Ideal Entrepreneur of the year. I got exposed internationally, where a startup called Plato Group in Indonesia made me an Advisory Board Member which helped them financially.

In 2018, I started interacting with people who run start-ups, companies, NGOs and universities, etc. This helped me increase my collaborations with other communities to a greater extent. I helped a person, who was deep in debts, by employing him in our home. That was the stepping stone of my career start-up. The idea was to offer employment to as many people possible. Recently, I helped a few cinematographers and photographers a chance to earn themselves in Telugu film industry. Recognising my achievements, NGO ‘Super Women India awarded me as ‘Emerging Entrepreneur of the year’ at SWI International Awards. The deciding factor was my age. At 19, I could help and save many families. It was a proud moment in my life. Even students in my university and people around how I could provide employment to many people.


For how many people you must have given jobs/livelihood?

So far I have given jobs for 10 photographers, 15 videographers, three editors. They will be paid monthly and project based.

How does the system work? How do you identify potential recruits and how do you make sure they have the required skills for respective industries?

It is a chain process. I will choose as per their skills and later I filter them as per company requirements.

How do you make sure people who you recruit don’t get cheated and they get adequately paid?

We usually make a tri-party agreement so that no one will get affected later.


How does it benefit you (monetary?) apart from the mental satisfaction?

Apart from mental satisfaction, I will charge them only for skill training.

How supportive has been your parents?

My parents are very supportive. My father is helping me to build my network, besides helping me financially.


What next? What's your career goal?

I want to see myself as one of the most respected persons in society.

If there is one habit of yours that has helped you reach where you are now, what would that be?

My helping nature. I encourage people around me to explore their hidden talents.

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