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Racing Ahead

A bunch of students from Sree Buddha College of Engineering at Pattoor has set pulses racing at a go-kart racing event in Noida. Here they go down the memory track and share the experience.

We were not even familiar with the word go-kart. Thanks to the guidance and support given by Dr Senthil Saravanan and Dr Sreejith Mohan, we decided to participate in the go-kart designing competition conducted by the Indian Society of New Era Engineers (ISNEE). We registered for the event by forming a team of 24 students from the mechanical department.


We registered for the two-day mandatory workshop in Coimbatore, but we missed the event because of #Kerala Floods. Once the situation became normal, we approached them again and they allowed us to participate in the event. After finding our sponsors in liqui moli India, we bought a 150cc, 20 BHP engine and made the required changes to fit it into the cart. After a lot of struggle, we shipped our cart to Noida for racing in India's biggest racing track. Only seven of us flew to Noida to participate in the event.

The event was slated for five days in the initial days. After scrutiny, we had to make many changes in our kart. First of all, we had to reduce the machine’s weight to qualify for the race. The pressure was too high to handle, but somehow we got qualified. The endurance racing was conducted on the last day. And believe it or not, we secured the first prize in Endurance Racing in 150 cc category.


Team Members

  • Sree Shankar (Driver)
  • Muhammed Faiz (Driver)
  • Pranav (Team Leader)
  • Akhil S (Welding and Sheet Metal Works)
  • Akshay P (Electrical Section)
  • Achyuth P (Electrical Section)
  • Midhun R (Cad designing and monitoring)
  • Anfal
  • Steny Raj
  • Jitto Sunny
  • Joyal Varghese Babu
  • Manu Krishnan
  • Anandhu H Kumar
  • Alvin Prathap
  • Aravind S
  • Basil, Robin
  • Akhil Ravi
  • Akhil M,
  • Akhilesh
  • Akshay KS
  • Sreejith VR
  • Shibin
  • Sachinmayan


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