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Two students Karthik NS and Anandh CS have recently undertaken an arduous bicycle trip from Thrissur to Munnar, covering a total of 370 km through treacherous, winding roads through dense forests and hilly terrains. Though the larger idea was to spread awareness about pollution, it was another long-cherished item in their bucket list to have it ticked off. They have wrapped up the journey in style and as they say, they have bigger mountains to scale. For readers of Fayz, Karthik NS needs no introduction. Click here to read Karthik's story. Karthik NS is a student of IES College of Engineering while Anandh CS is a student of Mudmax School of Advanced Animation and VFX.

In a chat with Team Fayz, the duo shares their cycling experience.

What prompted you to take up such a cycle ride? What was the real trigger?

Actually, the ride was not planned. It was one of our small dreams to undertake a cycle trip. Of course, the larger idea is to spread awareness about pollution and environmental aspects.

Tell us about the journey.

The ride was from Athani (Thrissur) to Munnar..


We hear it was an arduous journey and you had some real tense moments?

One night, we had to cross the forest before night; that have us real tense moments. The journey was too adventurous.

What was the best part of the journey?

During the journey, people helped us multiple times. When Anandh developed muscle cramps, two random people (at Adimali) offered us medical help. That was unforgettable.


When you cycled by, how was the response from villagers and other travellers on the road?

Most people encouraged us, but some asked us “vattano” (are you guys mad to undertake such a tough journey?)


Do you think such a ride will have desired results? Does it make any big difference?

Yes, we are very happy. It made us more positive (about many things in life)

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