It was a cold December night in 2015. Saurav Ajmera was getting ready to hit the bed in his tiny room in the college hostel, and that was when his phone suddenly rang. It was his senior, asking about his interest in a poster design competition the next day. Initially reluctant, Saurav said yes, spending the whole night drawing and designing. The next morning, he submitted the poster. Since it was his birthday, he had some plans with his friends and he left the campus early, nearly forgetting about the results or competition. Besides, he never considered himself a top artist.

At 5pm, Saurav got another call and the news left him shocked and surprised: he had been declared the winner in the competition. For the record, it was a big competition with all the big colleges participating in it. That was the turning moment in Saurav’s life. In other words, that night an artist was born.

“I was always interested in art from childhood but as like other kids I was not aware and lost in my own world. As far as I can remember when I was in Class X, my art and craft teacher (Sandhya) gave a lecture about art in general. Then one day, she happened to see my work. Impressed, she called me to the art room and we had a discussion. During my half-yearly exams, she cut 1 mark, just because I drew a bad diagram. But to my surprise, she announced to the whole class that ‘ Saurav AJmera can be an amazing artist . That day I realized I have some talent in me,” says Saurav.


Later, Saurav became the cultural head of his school and he scored pretty well in Class XII exam (88.4%). Then he moved to the Government College of Jaipur, Maharaja College, where he chose BSc. It's been a year since then, and he has won many prizes. “I have done wall paintings in many cafes and other gift orders for people. I am exploring myself more in this beautiful rollercoaster ride of colors,” he says.

Apart from art, Saurav has been an active volunteer of NSS, besides taking up many social work projects. “I was a part of AIESEC in Jaipur for two-and-half years and handled many teams over there. I worked on a project on gender equality with 13 International students. I have organised and managed a few events in Jaipur,” he says.



Since you are an artist, why didn't you pick up fine arts or a subject related to arts?

To be honest, I got lost in my own world. Frankly, I had no plans on what I should do next. My parents wanted me to prepare for NEET to be a doctor, but I was not keen. So, I picked BSc.


Which medium of art are you comfortable with?

Acrylic. As an artist, I like to play with colors, instead of really abstract stuff. Every stroke of brush must have a meaning and it should connect to the heart of the viewer.

How much time you devote yourself to art installations and works?

That depends upon the work I get into and I prefer to start working close to my deadline and before that finish off all other work quickly. That is the real fun because you don't have much time to execute what you have may have planned for long. Eventually, I would get so lost in my work that I hardly remember that when I had my last sip of water or what music was being played. I just enjoy the art and that is the best part for me.


Any particular artist (Indian or global) you admire/follow and why?

I really don't follow any particular artist, but yes I admire many artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh and few more. What I believe is you are an artist yourself so you really need not follow someone. You need to practise every basic aspect and at the same time, you have to understand and explore yourself, instead of copying someone else. Also, I have a great affinity towards the old culture of all communities worldwide. So whenever I can, I do some of my research in this area and I plan to apply it in my art in the same.

What is your career goal?

If it's about a career goal, then I would say I don't know but if someone asks me how you want the world to know you, the first word will be 'artist. I love to study, organise events and stuffs like that. I want to explore the world.



  • Being stubborn: that’s the best and worst part about me. If I plan something, whether it’s art, competition or something else, I will get it done, come what may. I just plan how to get it in the best possible creative and simple way so that everyone around me is happy. That makes me happy as well.
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