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As a kid, Bipin Mandge would sketch images of Mercedes-Benz in his notebook and dream of occupying and designing a majestic Merc once. Pages and notebooks kept turning and fading, and in a surreal twist years later, Bipin, as an Industrial Engineering student took up an internship at a Mercedes-Benz plant, the only such facility of the company in India. The plot had further drama. After his studies, he joined Mercedes-Benz. While studying at VIT Pune, Bipin launched a start-up directOdoctor, an online venture which offers homecare medication for critically ill patients.

In a chat with Team Fayz, Bipin Mandge tells us about his dream journey so far.


What is your first memory of an automobile?

This query just took me back to my childhood days. My uncle used to get those yearly calendars of Mercedes-Benz where each month had a car dedicated on it. I would sketch those cars in my notebook and would show it to him at the time he visited me. And I would tell myself that someday I would own this and might design myself. It’s a small world and today I am working for Mercedes-Benz. I love executive cars more than sports cars.


Tell us a bit about your experience as a student entrepreneur.

Being a student entrepreneur itself is an opportunity to grow and a challenge at the same time. It helped to grow my personal and professional network. Certainly, the challenges like dealing with experienced people than you, taking everyone into consideration and developing my EQ helped me face obstacles and develop problem-solving abilities. At the end of the day you know who is reliable and who shall stand by your side at your lows. It's not as fancy as social media says. I have also learned to deal with failure and change my perspective towards handling difficult situations. Indeed, it's a life-changing experience.


At what stage in your life did you decide that you could become an industrial engineer?

To be honest, I was preparing for my IITs and I couldn’t get in. I didn’t want to do something every other student does with engineering course. I came across this branch when I was supposed to choose a college other than IITs. I saw this course Industrial Engineering offered in VIT. At that time the course had only 90 seats across Maharashtra and people did not know much about it. A passion to do something different than others indeed played a role to know more about it. I did my research about what industrial engineering is, how Industrial Engineers are changing the world. Unfortunately, this wonderful branch is not known to many. The course subjects are so interesting. And without any further ado, my first option was Industrial Engineering, VIT Pune. And that’s how I ended up taking that course and here I am. Everything happens for good.

Tell us a bit about the course and the college. How effective was it?

Industrial engineering is about optimising any kind of systems for better productivity and efficiency of the activity being carried out resulting in a better quality of the output. It could save immense amount of monetary value, resources, time and efforts. It is about understanding subjects like Supply Chain, Operation Management, Operation Research, Project Management, Work Study, Material Handling and Logistics Facility Planning. Industrial engineers are of utmost significance today to make the world a better and more efficient place. VIT offers immense opportunities not just in co-curricular, but extra-curricular activities as well. We have 20+ collegiate clubs for several activities, not just technical but drama, music, art and entrepreneurship. Campus is small and sweet; perk is that you always keep meeting your people. VIT hosts various intra-and inter-collegiate cultural and technical fests (Vishwakarandank and Melange respectively). Having tie-ups with universities is an additional perk for student exchange opportunities. The six-month internships as a part of the curriculum helps to get the knack of corporate world at the learning stage itself.


How did you get into internship @ Mercedes-Benz? Briefly describe your experience there as a student?

As a part of my internship experience at Mercedes-Benz, I got the unique opportunity to be part of specific projects as well as day-to-day activities of managing an automotive assembling facility. During my internship, I was assigned a role under Bodyshop and though this I was able to gain hands-on and practical knowledge about the various processes of manufacturing. Also, I was provided with the opportunity to learn and study about various minute and intricate details about the functioning of this department. As part of my day-to-day work, I gained knowledge about various documentation procedures and their needs and requirements. Besides, the work environment at Mercedes provided me with the opportunity to improve upon my soft skills and helped me hone my leadership qualities. I was honored to meet both the CEOs of MB India Mr. Roland Folger (ex-CEO) and Mr. Martin Schwenk (present).

Then finally you joined Mercedes-Benz. How has the experience been? What are the challenges?

Yeah! It was a dream come true. Honestly, I did not apply for any other company than MB India for placements. I fell sick on the day of my interview rounds and group discussions. By God's grace I was able to give it well and yes finally joined as GET Operations. Working for such brand is always a great experience. I get to meet like-minded people with great knowledge, and diverse area of interests. There's always something new to learn. Having interned at the same firm helped me get comfortable and get adjusted to the MB culture way soon.

Talking about challenges as the Mercedes caption goes "Best or Nothing", one must be really good in terms of his/her own work. Handling machines can be easy but managing humans is far tougher. But yes with the curiosity to learn more, smart work, right integrity, and positive attitude, the sky is the limit here. And no doubt I am giving my best.

What next? What are your career options?

I have just joined a corporate. Entrepreneurship has always been in my blood and for me the definition does not mean starting something of my own but being a kingmaker and lead wherever you work and work for the better world for everyone. But yes, whatever comes my way, I am ready to accept and go through it. Everything happens for a reason and for good. :) It's a good, good, good world.


If there is one habit of yours that made you what you are today, what would that be?

  • Ability to adapt and accept the change.
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