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As a student of CET Trivandrum, Charanraj spent most of his time at cricket grounds, than in classrooms. He participated in inter-university south zone cricket championship twice and he was selected as the best all-rounder in the whole university when he was in the fourth year. Deeply passionate about the game, he has always dreamt to play for Kerala and of course for Team India. Since there is an explosion in talent, competition has been quite high, but Charanraj has not given up hope to pursue his career in cricket, unarguably India’s biggest sport. In a short chat with Team Fayz, Charanraj talks about his college days, his passion for cricket and his favourite players.


You have played cricket almost 24/7. Is cricket a career option?

Cricket has always been a career option for me, but parents thought only studies can help you achieve success. And for cricket, you need coaching which is an expensive affair. My father, a labourer, could not afford that much money. Hence, choosing cricket was not an option. But if somebody is willing to coach me, I would like to try again. Trust me, there is still time.

What’s your advice to aspiring cricketers or sportsmen?

Don’t give up on your dreams, that’s my advice for aspiring students who want to do achieve more in sports. Dreams get shattered only when we lose hope. Once, twice, thrice you might fall down, but get up stronger every time. Grab every opportunity that comes your way. When opportunity knocks, never let it go for lame reasons. If you correct at least one mistake a week, you are far better a person than what you were a year before.


What you would have done differently if would play cricket again?

I would have focused more on what I lack in as a cricketer. I would like to be more fit, so that physical and mental focus would’ve been better.

How many of your friends you know of have played at least for state?


Your favourite batsman and bowler?

Sachin Tendulkar and Bumrah

You have had a stint in softball as well.

The journey of softball starts when I was in the second year. I learnt the game from the college itself. Our college physical education teacher Dr Ajai Kumar GI taught me and my teammates the game and the way it should be played and the tactics and the mind work I have to do as a captain. So I have learnt a lot about a game and to control my temperament in a team as a captain.

If there is one (good) habit that has helped you become what you are today, what would that be?

  • Patience is all I have. I wait and listen to opinions of others. Be genuine on what you do.


  • The Kohlis and Sindhus may be toying with the world, but sports is still far from a secure career option in India today, but every career option has its own teething issues in every part of the world. At Fayz, we wholeheartedly support youngsters like Charanraj who want to take up sports as their career option, and that’s exactly why we feature such up-and-coming youngsters with great pride.
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