Walked ahead of his time, Anurag C P has been an inspiration for the students of College of Engineering Thalassery. Be it technology or AI or robotics, he is always there as a guiding figure. Anurag has recently launched his own start-up (daflow) along with his friends.

For the students of the College of Engineering Thalassery, Anurag C P is an inspiration, someone they can look up to and someone who has carved out a path of his own. To some, he even walked ahead of his time, exploring the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Having passed out in 2019, Anurag has already launched his own start-up (daflow) along with his friends. Daflow provides industrial solutions, medical solutions, besides the development of apps and a multitude of other things.

In a moving piece, some of his juniors -- Vighnesh, Annlee Fores, Amal PK, Neeraj, Yeduram and Athul Krishna B -- at his college reminisce about his mentorship and how inspirational was he in shaping their dreams as well. Team Fayz

Anurag C P, as an advancing entrepreneur, had a lot going on in his mind, yet he found time to tutor students. It was during the second year that I came to know how important machine learning and artificial intelligence to the emerging world of technology was. And he was the person whom our faculties all directed us to. I sat with him, among other enthusiasts, feeding on the knowledge he chose to share with us. Although it took a while to digest some of it, he never gave up making us understand what we need. After the sessions, when we walk down the valley, is when we get some time to talk for ourselves, as friends, social beings and so on. He always talked about the endless possibilities of technology in various fields and we always stared at his face not knowing how to respond. The situation improved as time went by and we started communicating. I was pumped to hear from him his various ideologies and how he managed to get up to where he is now. I was more into knowing how he realized his true worth and shook off the dust and walk all the way from an ignorant lad to a young and adept entrepreneur.

He told his story to us one evening when we were walking down the valley as usual. It was as simple as he looked. His tutor one day informed the class about APJ Abdul Kalam Youth Challenge Programme. He barely had begun his second year at that time. But, to be honest, now is the era where birds sing before they hatch. He pitched his idea and got approved. He was hence funded along with technical support and guidance in developing the technology based on his project. His idea was to implement a drone-based rail monitoring system that examined any possible cracks or disfigurement. Once the budget was approved, he along with some skilled friends of his started to work on making the rail-check set-up reliable and efficient. They called it iGATE.

The progress was expeditious with the incorporation of an elite workforce which includes Shibin, Annlee, Vighnesh, Sarang who worked day and night to help Anurag achieve his goal. The main challenge at first was the knowledge of the tech that he was dealing with. Like most beginners, Anurag had nothing but basic knowledge in Machine Learning and had no idea on how to implement the algorithm into a “thing” that would perform a task. This hindrance was overcome by perseverance and his will to connect with people, that most of the idea bearers today lack. He made a decent connection with people who had actual knowledge about the technology by meeting people and interacting with them. He watched Youtube lectures and other online courses by udemy, coursera and so on. But none of them was pretty enough for a heavy load implantation strategy Anurag was planning. He needed more brains to work on his idea. That was when the IEDC zonal meetup was held and tbh IEDC was never at its bloom back then. But the meet was a milestone in Anurag’s path to success. He met a KSUM fellow Fasil who turned out to be a great helping hand afterward.

The links are immense and each of them was significant. From there to IEDC summit where the Genrobotics team was honored and his decision to discuss his project with them, his meeting with other prominent personalities GDG head Mohd. Shibin, Praveen Sridhar and then to the TinkerHub community.


The first TinkerDay came up and lit the one big candle that surged his whole brain with light (Enlightened him to be precise). That event brought him close to Moosa Mehar who turned out to be another whetstone that sharpened Anurag’s thoughts. He called in Faris Rahman to organise a workshop at our college on Machine Learning which was a huge success. The story would’ve been a lot more struggling if he had walked past the TinkerDay, doing nothing. This is a classic example of what passion can make you do great things, connect you with great minds and achieve goodness by conquering greatness.

So, we have already said how IEDC at our college was nothing but a namesake organization with no outcome whatsoever. It was until Anurag took charge of it and helped us build the IEDC we know now to be a breeding ground for young tech-devotees. The tech aficionado bloom has spread to the horizon and yet to discover its extents. This wouldn’t have happened if we minded our own business, our academics, and sat at the benches taking notes half asleep with an intention to finish college, get a bachelor’s degree and work for some 9 to 5 sweat factories cursing our fate. Anurag had a different dream. He worked day and night for the better of his brothers and sisters. The gain wasn’t materialistic. We all stood with him and ensured he corrected himself upon flaws. He had no foes for he wasn’t competing. He organized a handful of events that proved we are not dumb. IEDC met once a week to formalise whatever we need to do, and the best part is we did all of that. We never procrastinated or stepped back from any event we planned.

The biggest event so far hosted by IEDC was the AI FEST 2.0 which had a worldwide reach. That was the best AI based summit anybody had ever been to. Maybe that was the only AI based summit most of us had been to. The idea of a meetup that focused on AI technology fancied Anurag when he was in his sixth semester. He along with one of his junior Abhinash Sivan organised a small event at the tech fest of our college in February 2018. TBH, the tech fest was a failure. The only thing that was “techy” was our AI FEST and all those who had been to it, loved it. The setting was so unembellished, yet the effort needed was mountainous. We set up everything in a small classroom and presented our projects to each one who came to us fancying our tech. That was our success.

At that time the room we used for IEDC activities was a pigsty. It was an unorganized dust heap. Students came in to complete homeworks, assignments and mostly sit idle. Anurag might be the first one to enter the room with his laptop. He changed the whole face of IEDC with his upright organizational skills and day-night diligence. We managed to get a bigger workspace once we proved we are worthy. That was a dream come true moment. We worked from the new big workspace all night long sacrificing our sleep just like Anurag did to make AI Fest 2.0 a grand success.

The event was cosmic. We had spent a lot on expenses and lot on ourselves to make it happen. The event included Tech-Talks, Expos and was inaugurated by SanBot. To be precise, we celebrated it. The registrations were mammoth-sized, and it became twice by the next day. “This is phenomenal”, quoted one of the chief guests whom we had invited to talk on various emerging technologies.


Our success story was on the news headlines. Our interviews were the main news supplementary stories. Our dreams were worth more than our sleep. And then was when Anurag was invited to the Google IO Conference. That hit us with surprise. We were happy. But Anurag was looking up at a higher peak. Anurag became a star at programmes. He spoke on the radio, and people arranged programmes to honor him as well. Some of us became so jealous, and people started revealing that they are jealous, which is a whole new level of stardom, because people don’t usually do that. Anybody would have done whatever he had done. But Anurag did it. That makes this yarn a success story.

Milestones and breakthroughs are always miraculous. They appear altogether, sudden and with the greatest of impacts. When Anurag wrote down his ideas to detect chronic leukemia cells using ML algorithms, he never thought of it as a ground for a future startup. Turns out to be so. The issue at his hand was not that simple. He needed data. He knew where to go and whom to consult, but none would take him seriously. He went to AKG memorial hospital to visit Dr Vinod Kumar who happens to be one of his acquaintances, but just like anyone else, he was taken for a student who was just in for some project which was generally considered irrelevant. As to speak, the doctors were busy as was the kind of duty at their hands. He got certain references from there and MCC, with which he had to push himself for a while. But he wasn’t satisfied.

It was after he was invited to the Google IO conference these doctors realised he may have the caliber in him to do something and called in for consultations. They guided him well, but he was still a mere student. It was then it struck him. To be recognized and valued, he must represent an establishment that promised some output. An idea for an AI R&D and a potential startup initiative was born at our IEDC room in between our AI FEST 2.0 preparations. The best of the coordinators were given responsibilities and they registered their startup as DaFlow LLP.

From there to here, Anurag CP was a man of enthusiasm, diligence, patience and perseverance. He worked hard to make things right and worked smart to preserve himself for a better future. He isn’t a billionaire now, He might be at some point in the future. That does not make him any less successful. A man of value, beyond any materialism, a man of word with an attitude that never trembles. That is Anurag CP for us.

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