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For her child, Coimbatore-based Barani Rajagopalan started baking organic biscuits and cookies. Word spread soon and slowly, her baking products became the talk of the town. It's not so easy being a ‘mompreuner’, but Coimbatore-based Barani Rajagopalan has been quite successful in ‘organic’ baking business. Though she learned baking as part of her curriculum, she never thought it as a career or business. Then the wedding happened, but the turning point was the birth of her child. Feeding the baby with healthy food was her biggest challenge, and that prompted her to bake home-made goodies for the child and other children in her family/locality. Word spread, and slowly she has turned an entrepreneur, no ‘mompreuner’. The journey has been exciting, having delivered over 1,500+ orders. Team Fayz talks to Barani about the process behind organic baking.

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Though you never had a business background, what prompted you to jump into baking business?

I learnt baking as part of my course in college. In fact, I chose it only because it was a compulsory subject. Then after my wedding, when I got my first child, I have decided to bake again, and I was particular about ‘healthy baking’. When my friends and family, who tasted what I made, encouraged me to turn my passion as a business. That’s how the whole story began, and it has been three years and I have completed 1500+ orders. And yes, I do only organic stuff.

What made you focus only on baking with only organic items?

Ever since my child was born, I am quite conscious about the food I give and make. Hence, the healthiest life choice has to be organic. back.

How has the response been? How many orders approximately?

The response has been good from the beginning, but since it’s organic products, it was a little tough to create awareness and make customers realise about the importance of it. Overall, over 1,500 orders have been made already.

Since you have decided to make it organically, has the making cost gone up? How much initial investment has been made?

Yes, it has. When it's come to organic it's not easy to bring down the cost. I do source locally and we grow few herbs, veggies, and millets at our home and farm. Rs 10,000 was our initial investment.

How do you make sure the products you buy are 100 per cent organic?

We do directly procure from organic farmers.

What is the most selling item?

There are many. Millet cookies, bajra brownies and garlic crackers, to name a few.

How do you market your products?

Through social media, Facebook and Instagram. Online is where all the action is.


if there is one habit of yours that has helped you become what you are, what would that be?

  • Never give up. It took me a year to develop recipes without adding chemicals and preservatives. And that hardwork helped me reach where I am now.
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