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Sen and the art of modelling

In 1994, when Sushmita Sen won the Miss Universe title, she was just 18. The win and the subsequent media coverage took India by storm, with even small town girls taking up modeling as a passion or even career. As far as modeling was concerned, it was an epochal moment. Years later, in faraway Kerala, when a young Reema Nair was shown the video (by her mother) of Sushmita Sen’s title victory, it struck an immediate chord. In her own words, she “admires Sen from head to toe’. Cut to 2019, young Reema has become a student at Sacred Heart (Kochi) where she has started appearing in modeling competitions. At a recent competition, Reema was among the top winners and she is keen to take part in beauty pageants.

In a chat with Team Fayz, Reema talks about her formative years, her career plans and her modeling stints.

Modelling is not every one’s cup of tea. When was the first time you heard the word modeling?

I remember those days when my mother used to watch Haute Coutore held in Paris and Milan, and other fashion shows held in various parts of India. I would sit beside her and gape at all those models for a long time. I think that was the time when I got to know what modelling was. For whatever reason Susmita Sen's face comes to my mind whenever I think about modeling.

At what stage in your life did you realise modelling is a serious business?

I never thought I would get into this line of talent in my wildest dreams. When I joined college and happened to be a part of our college fashion team, things started changing. I suddenly started getting offers to participate in various fashion shows and beauty pageants. That's when I got the confidence to take up modeling.

What was your parents’ response?

My mother was very cool about this. She in fact taught me how to do ramp walks and strike poses. I learned lot of things from her, and also got to correct lot of my mistakes. Besides her, my sister and grandparents encouraged me and kept motivating me. I had the complete support of my family, without which I am sure I would have never been able to pursue my modelling stints.

Tell us how you took the babysteps to modeling?

Since I do not come from a modelling background, I had to put in double efforts to look ramp ready and look picture perfect. I would practise ramp walk day and night and strike a hundred poses in front of mirror. Besides this, I have to focus on my arm and leg movement as well. Certainly, it was not easy.

Young and talented model, who utilizes each and every opportunity she gets with great confidence.She is a fast learner. Her passion,commitment and dedication towards fashion can't be expressed in words.
- Ashik Cherian Philip, Team Lead, SH Thevara Fashion Show Team


What are the pitfalls? What’s your advice to young girls?

Fashion industry is a place where you get carried away easily so it is important to be grounded and professional. These are no shortcuts to reach the top. It is your hardwork and professionalism that will help you in the long run. Always believe in yourself and give your 100 percent.

Where was your first modeling experience?

My first modelling experience was when I participated in Miss International Kerala Pageant. I had to clear three rounds of audition along with talent round. When I was selected as one of the finalists in the grand finale, it was a moment of joy for all of us, including my family. We have a grooming session along with photo-shoot. We also had an interactive session with Miss India International 2018 winner, Tanishqa Bhosle who shared with us crucial inputs and encouraged us thoroughly. From photoshoots to choreography, to make-up, to wearing fancy designer costumes, it was a great experience. I was very happy when I reached the top 5. And it raised a competitive spirit among finalists. It was a wonderful show and I completely enjoyed it.

How easy has modelling become with the advent of social media, mostly Instagram?

Social media and fashion have grown to be one of the best collaborations to exist. The variety of social media platforms has allowed fashion inspirations to be at the fingertips of many who seek daily inspirations. Due to social media, new trends are being created every day. Also, many people came to know about my participation.

Favourite model? Tell us one actress who you think could have been a great model?

I admire Sushmita Sen from head to toe. She is the perfect example of a beauty with brains and she has always listened followed her heart. She is an embodiment of how to live life like a boss.

It’s always said winning is everything, but when you lost out in the final round, what crossed your mind?

Since I do not come from a modeling background the very fact that I reached Top 5 itself was an achievement for me. And I believe that there is always a next time. Also many people appreciated me which pumped me up thoroughly and so I was happy.

What are your plans ahead? Modelling as a career option?

Modelling is not a career option (yet). I want to become a company secretary. But I will take up modelling projects that come along my way as it is my passion and would not compromise on it in any manner.

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