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In the campus they always stood out for distinct reasons. While studying itself, entrepreneurship was in their mind, and even before they passed out of Al Ameen College of Engineering in Shornur, the five students gave wings to their dreams by planning to do “something different” in education sector. Thus born Accent Tutors, which has recently finished its 100th session. In a limited span, the five – Pranav, Ziyad, Sarath, Abhijit, Dilshad-- have managed to leave their imprint. The others in the team are Basila (content writer), Akbar Ali (tech), Vyshnav (web developer) and Salman Faris (Accent Speaker).

When did you realize that you all can start something of your own, and not going for a 10-4 job schedule?

During our BTech days, we have realised that we should start something of our own.

How did all the four come together and start this? I mean how did the whole discussion come up?

One of the days in the college, we had a lengthy discussion during which we finalized what we want to do. Multiple ideas were floated and finally we decided this option.

Tell us what you guys do at workshops? Which area do you focus more?

Our focus is on educational sector.

You have recently finished 100 sessions. What is your take-away?

We are so glad that it’s going the exact way we wanted it to be. Now we have solid experience and developed a network .


How has been the response so far from students? Are students opening up or is it mostly one-way conversation?

The way of presentation of ACCENT TUTOR'S is not a one-way communication at all. Our focus is on an activity-based interactions with the students and this is the key part of our success, and that makes our initiative different.

Any unforgettable incident? Or the best session ever?

The best session ever was at National Institute of Speech and Hearing in Thiruvananthapuram. Incidentally, it was our 100th session.

Can students personally contact you later maybe for career guidance? Or just a class and your role is over.

Yeah, we are updating them through WhatsApp groups and sometimes calls. From teachers and staff, we are tracking the progress of students.

What are your next pans?

We have many project plans. Our next focus is to provide a platform to develop start-ups.

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