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Even at a young age, Tanmayi Shinde has shown remarkable maturity to do something for society and our eco-system.


I am Tanmayi Shinde, a first-year BA Sociology student, based in Pune. I would like to call myself as ‘changemaker’. Since childhood, I was empathetic. In fact, when I was studying in Class III, I happened to see a boy with crippled legs. My heart really sank seeing his plight and I was really keen to help him. That was when I decided to do something about people who are in need of help.

I started sneaking out of my classroom and influencing almost 60 children from 12 divisions of my school. We started donating food to people from streets on that day itself. Later, clothes and toys too were given. It was a great confidence booster. Sadly, the initiative came to an end after I changed my school.

As part of the cleaning initiative, we beautified the Kothrud Bus Depot wall in Pune. When I posted about my work, my friends too wanted to join, but many couldn't due to distance restrictions and parental concerns. So we decided to start the same initiative in our locality. It was named SPSB Tara as the team was controlled by teenagers. I was finalist for iVolunteer awards in Youth Champion Category and was selected for Ashoka's Young Changemakers programme.

We are very proud and fortunate to have a daughter like Tanmayi. We are happy that she does this work. She knows her responsibilities really well. We know she will achieve her goal one day. Everybody in our family is proud of her. She is God's gift for us.

-Bhagyashri Shinde, mother

Tanmayi is very enthusiastic about social work. We were surprised that she was doing something great like this when girls of her age are busy with other stuff. She grew her hair and donated it for cancer patients, which we don't think any girl of her age would do. Also she is very adamant about her stand related to environment and other things. We hope she continues her journey and we would love to be a part of it

- Ajit Shinde, father

Now, we are starting with a new initiative named 'SWAG wale Chhapris' where SWAG stands for Swachh Warrior And Guards of India. We will create awareness amongst people related to plastic usage. I am really proud of our initiative. The NGos I have collaborated with so far are: Swachh Pune Swachh Bharat or the SWAG (Swachh Warriors And Guards), Jeevitnadi- The Living River Foundation, SagarMitra, Durgpremi, Shivsamrajya Pratishtha, Let's Rise Foundation, Global Shapers Pune, Nelda Foundation, Greenlife Foundation, Biosphere and Samartha Bharat


What do you do?

I am studying first year BA Sociology.

How supportive are your parents?

My parents are really, really supportive. They help me a lot with my social activities and never force me to just study. They gave me freedom to choose my passion. They are a great support system and I wish everyone could get parents like mine.

What are your future plans? A secure family/job or social work?

I am a UPSC aspirant. If not, I would love to join Tata Consultancy Services or be a teacher. Maybe a entrepreneur as well.

If you are planning to take up social work, any dream course or institute?

I would try not to professionalize my passion, i.e. social work. I instead would like to keep it as my hobby or passion. But if for knowledge purpose I would like to study at Tata Institutes of Social sciences.

Role models?

I have a lot of role models, but I cannot really choose amongst them. But my mentors are: Wing Cmdr Puneet Sharma Sir (retired), Gauri Phalke mam, my parents, Vinod Bodhankar sir, Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Swami Vivekananda .


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