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PwL has a date with Kerala

New York, London, Vienna, Berlin, Toronto, Barcelona, Budapest, Toronto, Beijing, Cairo, Zurich………and Kochi. If you wonder why our little Kochi is clubbed alongside those illustrious cities spanning continents, then there is only answer. All these cities, and a few other cities across the world (In India as well), have a chapter of Papers We Love (PwL).

For the uninitiated, PWL is a global community that comes together occasionally to read, discuss computer science research papers. The idea is to disseminate research papers into simple stuff and make them widely available.

PWL’s goal is to educate people and keep themselves up-to-date on changing trends and new technologies. It also helps young graduates and professionals to delve deep into domains beyond their specializations and topics of interests.

The Kochi chapter of PwL was formed in March 2019 and the group has had seven meet-ups since then. So how did Kochi find a place in that august list of PwL cities?

Says Hariraj K, “My friend Joel V Zachariah and I were having a conversation of how most communities and resources online were limited for people with amateur level skill sets. I had gotten into the practice of trying to read research papers and learning from it. It was then we got connected with Sohom Battacharya (Organiser, PwL Mumbai) and that led to opening a PwL chapter in Kerala.”

They began with discussing Dynamic Hash Tables and Page Rank. Later on, they moved on to classical papers such as John McCarthy and Alan Turing. The community's online presence revolves around Twitter and Telegram.


In Kochi, the community discusses topics ranging from robotics to IoT to automata theory to data science.
- Hariraj K

How many people are there in Kochi chapter?

In total, there are 40, but each meet-up has an average attendance of 8-15 people

Do you guys have conversations with other chapters?

Not quite often, but we began when we saw the progress PwL Bangalore has made over the years.

What connects you with other chapters across the world?

We are all knit together by the GitHub repository where all chapters share the progress. PwL conference happens yearly and other fun activities happen on the slack channel. We are yet to leverage that network effectively.

Where do you meet? Do you have an office?

We meet up usually at the workspace of Entri.me app at Padamughal. The CTO is very kind and supportive of our cause thus gives us the freedom to have meet-ups over there

If someone wants to join your chapter, what’s the process?

No formalities! Just be watchful, join our meet-up and get the invitation to join our online community

Which are the other chapters in India? And any contacts if someone wants to join in other Indian cities?

Some other chapters are Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. The chief organiers tend to make themselves visible online, be it on their Facebook page or Twitter activity.

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