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The CA girl who whips up cakes

Sruthy KD, a city-based CA student, not only excels in cracking mind- crunching accounts or figures, but also in churning out cakes from her Magic Oven. What started out as a passion serving to her immediate family and friends became an online cake-selling venture, with 10-15 orders every month now. Team Fayz had a chit-chat with the 25-year-old entrepreneur.

Want to place an order? Call: 81295 78413

She has a passion for cooking, especially baking cakes. It’s amazing how she finds perfect balance between her passion and academics
- Arjun Mohan, Sruthy's friend

Was confectionary a passion that turned into a business or a business opportunity that became a passion?

It was (just) a passion.

When did this idea of starting a cake venture strike you first?

A baking class by Sajna (mam) was the trigger and there has been no looking back.

Did you first start selling to friends and family?

My first cake was for my family, and then to friends

How much did you invest initially and how many orders do you get a month?

I began with Rs 10,000, which was for mostly to procure baking materials. I get around 10-15 orders in a month.

What type of cakes are most people interested in?

Most people are interested in customised cakes and butterscotch, the most- preferred flavour.

When did you finalise the idea of going online?

Ater much persuasion and support from my friends/family.


How did you market your venture to a bigger audience?

Through WhatsApp and Facebook.

What were the operational hazards? How do you assure cakes/items are delivered on time?

Delivering cakes on time was a big concern. For a perfect and delicious cake, it takes time and effort. So orders have to be taken at least two days prior. Obviously, it was tough initially, but of late, that aspect has been taken care of.

What next? Are you planing to make this a full-time venture?

A bricks-and-mortar store.

What's your favourite cookery show? Any inspirational figure?

Cooking channels such as TLC and Living Foods

Do you have a mentor?

Sajna maam was my first mentor and I still follow what she has taught me. I owe my success to her.

How supportive has been your family? Have your friends expressed interest in joining your venture?

Extremely supportive they have been and many are willing to join my venture.

Sruthy is one of the sweetest and most talented persons I know. She has helped me with jewellery-making project. And she is our gang’s designated mehendi artist.
- Arya VS, batchmate @ Maharajas

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