Third-year TKM Engineering student has already bagged a plum offer to build a drone for an entrepreneur.


When Nadeem M Shajahan, a third-year ECE student of TKM College of Engineering, and his friend presented a paper on Automated Inspection of Monopole Tower using Drones and Computer Vision, little did they know that it would take them all the way to Singapore. And what's more, even before finishing their course, a plum offer to build a custom-base drone came their way.

Nadeem, who has a passion for UAVs and Deep Learning, worked along with a researcher at NTU, Singapore, one of the top engineering universities in the world. So when Nadeem and his friend Thomas Kuruvila were asked to present a paper at a conference in Singapore, they were over the moon. The university took care of the entire visa process and ticketing, while TKM chipped in with Rs 40,000. In Singapore, they said they were awestruck by the infrastructure and the level of sophistication. At the end of the two-day conference, they bagged the Best Presentation Award from 36 entries, across the globe.



  • Life gives lot of surprises. Be updated. Be proficient in what you are passionate about. Connect with people in LinkedIn and opportunities will find you.
  • People are ready to help, just ask.
  • Try to attend conferences where you will run into  reputed researchers and get a chance to  world-class laboratories.


Nadeem and Thomas are now planning to set up a start-up in autonomous UAVs. A week before they left for Singapore, they got a message on LinkedIn from an entrepreneur in Singapore to meet him to build a drone for his company. They are now working on drones to be used at several facilities of the entrepreneur in India and worldwide.

Nadeem has passion for whatever job he takes up; be it coding, community development or presentation. I believe that with his hardwork, passion, and perseverance, he will surely achieve all of his goals in life.

-Monica Shine, Student of TKM College of Engineering

With the right mentorship, I believe he can achieve great heights. He has been a real inspiration for all students who dream big. I am really happy that his hardwork and passion have taken him to great heights.

-Thomas Kuruvila, Student of TKM College of Engineering


Nadeem's friends say he has been an inspiration for all students. "Nadeem is the youngest among us but what he has achieved in the last three years is just incredible. He is the busiest person in our college -- so busy that he doesn't even have time to sleep or (even) attend classes. Being an active member of many clubs and organisations, he is always busy attending meetings. Recently, he and his partner got a grant of Rs 1.35 lakh from the Kerala Startup Mission. He was selected as the IEEE Travancore Hub Coordinator for IEEE Computer Society, Kerala Section. He is also a Microsoft Student Partner. Despite all his feats, to be honest, he doesn't have any ego and is really humble. I never felt the need to have a best friend but this guy changed it all. He is mostly chilled out. If he gets some time off, he takes his bike out and goes for long drives. Besides programming, only three things matter to him: photography,travelling and, most importantly, food. You can leave him anywhere and the next day, he will give you the list of best food locations in that area," says Anagha Pradeep, Nadeem's classmate.

Nadeem's travel trails

As a student, Nadeem has multiple interests, apart from his Dream Drone Project. He takes his time off to do things he really loves to do. A travel buff, he recently managed to buy a Thunderbird 500 X.

Says an excited Nadeem, "All my life, I've loved travelling. So after months of saving from my freelance assignments and pestering my parents, I could finally buy my Thunderbird 500 X. That feeling when you're riding in the evening, with the cool breeze wrapping your face is just magical. And the drive is surreal if there is drizzle and you stop for a black tea. These are small pleasures in my life."

This bike has one of the most powerful engines ever produced by RE. The thrust it provides is amazing, the ride is super breezy comfortable, and the seats real comfy.

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