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In 2015, when all the engineering colleges were brought under a single university, there was no clarity about the whole transition process. Multiple issues cropped up, students were left in the lurch and even the state government could not address fledgling issues. That’s when a bunch of students – Ahammed Jouhar ET (co-funder), Muhammed Shahari P (Co-Founder), Inzamam K (CMO), Salih AC (CTO), and Amjad Shibili KT (Development Head), decided to set the ball rolling. Coordinating with university officials, they launched a website - www.ktustudents.in – which provides all the information related to university and students were only eager to log in and dig the details.

When and how did the idea strike to start www.ktustudents.in?

It all started in our hostel room. We just joined, and it took some time to break the ice and finally we turned thick friends. During our hostel discussions, we discussed multiple issues and plans, one of those chats evolved into starting ktustudents.in

Then what happened?

There was an open conference arranged by the then VC Kunchariah Issac seeking ways to increase communication between students and the university. Our CMO Inzamam K talked directly to pro VC Abdul Rahman regarding our website which was formed to help overcome the communication gap between us and the authority (university). He was (very) appreciative and as a result, our website was listed in the 'outcome based education' tab on the official website for over a year.

How was the initial reaction from students? Did it take off suddenly or did it take time for you guys to get the hits?

Yes, it did take time, but we had a clear advantage. Since we were the first batch of APJ KTU, we did not have other competitors and we enjoyed the monopoly for long. The official website lacked instant notifications and other student-related info. We were like a bridge between students and the university.

How do you make sure all the info you provide on your website is correct and update?

We have a panel of students and faculty from every department who will check every content and information.


How do you find time to manage the account? What’s your future career goal?

Our team is highly dynamic and we are always there for the student community. Our research and development team is planning something for future, maybe a product. Let us see how it goes.

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