First she had an aversion towards business, but turning a fresh leaf, Juliana is now ready to launch a ready-to-cook-eat fish product venture


When she was a child, Juliana never liked the idea of doing business though she was born into a business family. Her mother was an entrepreneur, but the stress and the ordeals she underwent had left a lasting impression on young Juliana. So she nudged aside whatever business plans her parents had for her. Business was not in her blood, at least, or so she thought.

But as they say destiny had other ideas. At 23, she has joined hands with her mother to take her (mother’s) business to the next level. Going a step ahead, she now has multiple business plans of her own. So what led to the transformation from a “reluctant kid” to a budding, aspirational entrepreneur?

The defining moment, says Juliana, happened when she undertook a fund-raising drive for her church in Kochi. It was during a conversation with her college house captain Arjun Sasikumar that she first heard the word Excel Marketing and the idea behind it. The word ‘marketing’ was a revelation and she decided to apply it for her church function.

That talk (by Ruby) has inspired me to build something of my own. Since then, I always wanted to do something on my own and was hunting for ideas.

I always keep in mind what my mother says. Business is not work, it is a passion. It's like a rollercoaster ride.

On the education front, Juliana, once again, was not keen to take up engineering, but eventually she took up B.Tech. “Fortunately and with God's grace, I joined MEC (the best college I could have asked for),” says she, as a matter of pride.

“At MEC, it was ‘matha, pitha, guru, seniors and daivam’. That adage is true especially, because I had really cool seniors and I could get more opportunities and knowledge on marketing and organizing,” she says.

The next defining moment came when she attended a session by Ruby Peethambaran (of Fourth Ambit Technologies, the parent company of Fayz).


“That talk (by Ruby) has inspired me to build something of my own. Since then, I always wanted to do something on my own and was hunting for ideas. I toyed with many (stupid) random ideas, out-of-box threads, and finally, at the end of my third year, my friends and I decided to float a T-shirt branding company, named Uptown. Of course, it was not easy, and there were many downfalls, but we have always believed we could better ourselves if proper lessons are learnt from our mistakes. I still have that company running,” says Juliana.

For her T-shirt business, she and her friends (Kevin and Archana), too chipped in and they had a tie-up with a company in Tirupur. Through a distant relative, she got in touch with a clothing unit. That business, she says, is still going steady.

Bitten by entrepreneurship bug, Juliana then decided to focus on her mother’s fish food business.

“After talking to my mother, she gave me the opportunity and idea to start a domestic business on seafood. We are now building a seafood brand to provide ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat seafood consumer products. The brand name is FrescaMer and we are promoting it in a tag called Meemi. It's in initial stages. We will launch our products by mid-September,” says Juliana.

Later, she had an internship at Zomato, which she says was an incredible experience. “Basically, Zomato has helped me realise the importance of sales and different strategies corporate work on to boost sales,” says Juliana.



If there is one person Juliana can pick as her guide and mentor, it’s her mother.

“I always keep in mind what my mother says. Business is not work, it is a passion and we should have the perseverance to go through every odd in life. It's like a rollercoaster ride. My mother was very supportive and positive about everything that happened. As in if I fail to take her advice and fall into a trouble, she tells me maybe I had to learn it better through an experience. Both father and mother motivate me whenever I'm down and I feel that's what keeps me going. Especially because of my mother's positive way of taking things, I'm not scared to make mistakes because I know she will not blame me and in fact instead guide me what I should do next. I had to go through many downfalls and I survived it all alone,” says Juliana. She was also the Hub WIE co-ordinator of IEEE Kerala.

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