The stunning story of KTU Troll Page

In 2015, when all the engineering colleges were brought under a single university, there was furore, confusion and chaos. Multiple issues cropped up, students were left in the lurch and even the state government could not address fledgling issues. Since social media was where all the action is, memes and trolls were created as a tool of protest and dissent. Perhaps, the trolls hit the authorities hard more than what a sit-in protest or a strike would. A thousand trolls were created, but there was no single platform where students could post their trolls – read opinions. That’s when Krishnanunni and friends created the KTU Troll Page on Facebook. After initial hiccups, the page has literally gone viral. At the last count, the page has over 2 lakh members on Facebook and its Instagram account has over lakh followers. Team Fayz spoke to Krishnan Unni about the page’s remarkable growth in the last four years.

The admins are Krishnanunni, Jafeel, Rohan and Sreerag. And the moderators are: Kaveri, Roshith, Aravind, Varun, Aromal and Rohan Dilip. Reach us @: https://www.facebook.com/groups/troll.ktu/

When KTU was initiated, there were certain uncertainties, and there was clear communication gap between the university and students/college. This led to the start of the website KTUstudents.in and Troll KTU. It has been an awesome journey.
- Ahammed Jouhar, Founder-KTUstudents.in

When and how did the idea strike to start KTU troll site?

When I was in my first year, the first semester examination was postponed a couple of times after several issues cropped up in university. It came to my notice that several memes and trolls were circulating around WhatsApp and other messaging apps related to goof-up examination and overall mismanagement. It was then I felt there was a lack of common platform to air students’ opinions and grievances. That’s how we created a platform for memes and discussions.

How was the initial reaction? Did it take off suddenly or did it take time for you guys to make a mark?

The start was rather slow. The member count was less, all the memes and discussion threads weren't much appreciated and also there was a serious fall in potential reach. There was a time when the admins themselves post around 7- 8 memes a day to keep the group alive.

What was the turning point?

I would say the turning point was the first KTU strike against year-back system.

At one point, your page became a platform for the strike and political activities against KTU?

That were the times when the admin panel felt we had done something for the betterment of the university.

Which is your most liked/popular or best troll so far?

I can’t pick particular meme uploaded just because they are popular. Also there are posts that show hatred against a particular person. There are also birthday posts which got enormous number of likes. Memes can't be categorised as best based on the number of likes.

Did any authorities reach out to you or have you ever faced any threat from authorities?

No such threat ever, but one of our admins was once called to a police station for a post against a college.

We are one of the main clients of Troll KTU. Many of our promotions works have been organised and maintained with the help of them. They have a proper system in place which helps us reach a wide range of clients.
- Sandeep, EventOz

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