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Mount Zion student’s high-flying drone story

Few can forget that scene in Three Idiots, the 2009 blockbuster flick starring Aamir Khan, where a student’s suicide is captured by a drone made/flown by a student at a college campus? The horrifying scene may have left most viewers shocked, but Gokul MS, a Class V student then, was mesmerized by the idea of drone itself. Enraptured by the tiny equipment, he made some basic research and had an instant liking for drones.

No wonder, years later, as a mechanical engineering student at Mount Zion College in Pathanamthitta, he rekindled that old thought and started building drones. True to what Three Idiots the film suggested, he followed his passion, not just being a bookworm, Gokul has become a key player in the company -- Rovonize Systems in Kochi – that builds multi-purpose drones. Team Fayz had a chat with the young entrepreneur. Over to Gokul MS.

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He has been a brilliant student who had an extra passion for drones. Gokul and another student met during a project and they both worked together. Later, that led to the drone company being formed.
- Arun Kumar, professor, Aeronautical Engineering, Mount Zion

When was the first time you heard the word drone? Did you get enamoured by it immediately?

The first time I saw a drone was in Rajkumar Hirani-Aamir Khan flick Three idiots and needless to say, I was mesmerized by it.

When did you realise that you can experiment with drones or you can make them yourself?

I toyed with the idea for long time before it happened during my first year in Mechanical Engineering.

What were the challenges? Being in a small town, was it tough for you to procure stuff and develop the product?

Lack of money, lack of experienced people, resources…everything was challenging. But I managed.

How supportive has been the college?

There were a few staff and friends who believed in me and their support was crucial.

What has been your reference point?

The website ‘Rotorriot’ has been really helpful.

From capturing events to weddings, drones have come a long way. What are you aiming next?

From military to agriculture, we have large-scale plans.

Are you planning to make it commercial and go full steam with this?


For those who are interested in drones, can you suggest any short-term crash course?

Our company offers crash courses. Those who are interested can contact 7907008698.

Finally, how much have you invested?

It’s huge.


Gokul, thanks for taking on the role of technical engineer lead, he is passionate in Drones & IOT, Gokul's technical skills are great and we ave learnt a lot from you.
- Devan Chandrasekaran, Mount Zion College of Engineering

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