Frequently caught in traffic jams? Then these students have a plan to beat the chaos

It was July, 2018. The crimson sun was setting over Kochi, and rain started pelting down as if there was no sunrise next day. A procession too surfaced out of nowhere, and traffic, needless to say, was thrown into mayhem. Four friends who were driving to Kochi had grand plans for that night were stuck in what seemed like an eternal traffic block. Amid swirling waters, non-stop honking and screaming, a lone traffic cop was trying to regulate the traffic flow. He could not, perhaps even a posse of cops could not have.

The four students -- S Sajid, V S Hareesh Kumar, Omar Sageer and R Mohammed Riyas -- watched helplessly and cancelled their plan and returned home, but one sight refused to fade from their mind: the policeman standing in the middle of the road, negotiating traffic. The four - pursuing final year B.Tech Mechanical Engineering – kept discussing about it and wondered if a smart solution to such traffic bottlenecks could be found. What followed was hours of brainstorming, field studies, meeting experts and finally they arrived at a solution and had the project/concept named Neo Tree..

Neo Tree is a portable and retractable traffic signaling system which can control temporary traffic block situations efficiently. By using a remote, it can be operated easily. (Check the video)

Their project NEO TREE is one of the best innovative ideas I have come across. They have already achieved a lot of appreciation for this project, and I am sure it will only go up from now onwards. The very fact that it’s portable makes it unique and path-breaking.

-Abhay Sundar S, their friend

Their ideas are original and creative. This invention will be of great boost to the traffic sector. Anybody who drives on our roads will understand how important is their contribution. I wish them all the success.

-Abhishek S, friend @ TKM Institute of Technology

The four, students of MES Institute of Technology and Management, Chathannoor, Kollam, say their motto is to find and identify the problems of common man and implement engineering solutions to it. The group was mentored by Anoop P S, Assistant Professor, MES College.

“Posting traffic wardens or policemen at the spot is not the best solution. They are seen on roads maintaining traffic in scorching sun, getting exposed to dust and smoke. Even during monsoon, they are on duty. The hardships they face while on duty is in fact human rights violation. Development of a temporary traffic signaling system to suit our traffic and road conditions is inevitable. Our product addresses this problem effectively,” say the students.


Neo Tree can also be utilized for other services like active surveillance, GPS-assisted route clearance for ambulance and other emergencies, flood lighting system for public meetings, crowd gatherings and in stadiums during games, assist life guards at beaches etc.

Plans are afoot to make a real-time presentation on the road as per a proposal by the Kerala traffic police department.

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