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Sitting at his Cherthala home, Aswin Menon has been decoding some of the darkest secrets from history, science and even folklore. And guess what Aswin, a fourth year engineering college student, does? He turns the pearls of wisdoms he plucks from the darkest alleys and floats it on YouTube. The reaction to his first episode was crazy, prompting him to take the plunge. For the beginners, he is available at PsyTech Malayalam YouTube channel. Apart from fame what also he gets is a steady stream of income – hold your breath, that’s into six-figure already. Aswin, from IHRD Engineering College, Chengannur, is now planning to turn YouTube into a career itself, once he wraps up his studies. Sounds inspirational? Then READ on.

For the begineers, he is available @
Psy Tech Malayalam YouTube channel

He started his journey as a normal YouTuber. After realising the importance of each subject, he started delving deep into subjects and made videos. Initially, it was about best gadgets, then on unknown mysteries which went viral.
- Hrishikesh Nair, Ashwin's friend

When did it strike that YouTube is the platform that you could build your career on?

Call it the Jio Effect! When Jio was introduced, I had noticed a sudden surge in social media use and of course YouTube. Many Malayalam YouTube channels with little views or subscribers suddenly took off, with numbers shooting up drastically. Besides fame, they were all generating good revenue through YouTube. And this was the point I realised that YouTube is a good career option. I took the plunge.

Why did you pick on dark concepts?

First of all, I am a keen follower of such subjects and topics. Besides, I was closely following Tamil YouTuber Madan Gowri, and I must say he has been an inspiration. He was getting million of views just by speaking these kind of subjects. Most of us are curious about this type of topics and that’s exactly what is reflecting in my channel.

When did you realise that it's a money-spinner?

The defining moment was when I earned above Rs 40,000 from a single video (about Illuminati). For the record, it’s still going up every day. I spent only three hours to create that video (1 hour for recording and two hours editing). At this age, it’s hard to get 40K if I work full-time. This was the point I realised that Youtube is a goldmine.

Being a fourth year student, how tough is to divide time between studies and YouTubing?

It does not take much time to make videos. It can be done in your leisure time.

Does it affect your studies?

Not at all.

How much time does it take for research and value addition?

Usually, I use my phone to surf these kind of topics. Can’t exactly point out the duration; it varies.

Who gives you technical assistance?

YouTube itself. There are many channels that help us get technical inputs about YouTubing.

Since you are raking in good revenue, what's your long-term plan? Are you thinking of making it a career itself?

If you have a skill that can be made into a video, then of course YouTube is a good career option. I have earned more than Rs 1.6 lakh within this short period. In future, I am trying to improve my videos in all aspects vis-a vis content, quality, consistency.

What next? Are you planning to diversify?

I will stick to subjects I know.

What are your top posts?

The one on Pulwama terrorist attack which garnered 1 million views. Then, Illuminati (666K views).

Which are your favourite YouTube channels?

Madan Gowri, M4 Tech, Sharique Shamsudheen and Karikku.

For students who are keen to start their own channels, what's your advice?

Definitely, starting a YouTube channel is appreciable. But it should be driven by your passion, only then it will become successful. If you start a channel thinking of just making money, you will fail.

Since you are dealing with mostly controversial topics, how do you deal with online abuse?

I just don’t care.

Aswin has been doing it since his third year, mostly for fun. He also does Youtube videos on multiple topics. One of his videos about Pulwama airstrike has got 1 million likes. In fact, he has got a silver button from YouTube. He is a simple and down-to-earth person.
- Abijith R Kumar, Ashwin's friend

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